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Ecommerce Business Idea: Dropship Intel i7 for Big Profits


dropship Intel i7Dropship Intel i7 if you’re looking for an ecommerce business idea with potential for big profits!

Having your own home business in ecommerce can be a dream come true, especially if you’re really burned out in your present job and wishing there was a better way to make a living than spending countless hours and days working to make somebody else well off, while you seem to barely get by.

Before the World Wide Web, there were home business opportunities, but most of them involved a significant outlay of cash to get started, plus a lengthy wait before the business started realizing a profit and you began to actually make money.

The internet, and ecommerce, changed all that….for the better.

Nowadays, if you have good work ethics, the determination and stick-to-it-iveness to be successful, and a desire to be your own boss---you can choose personal and financial freedom with a home business in ecommerce. If ecommerce is the closest thing to a perfect job you’ll ever likely to find; dropshipping ramps it up another notch toward total perfection.

Dropship Intel i7 and find out for yourself how sweet life can be when you’re working to put money into your own pockets instead of someone else’s!

What is Intel i7?

It might be that you have heard of Intel i7 but aren’t entirely clear on exactly what it is. If so, you’ll appreciate this simple explanation from Wikipedia:

“Intel Core is a brand name used for various mid-range to high-end consumer and business microprocessors made by Intel.

In general, processors sold as Core are more powerful variants of the same processors marketed as entry-level Celeron and Pentium. Similarly, identically or more capable versions of Core processors are also sold as Xeon processors for the server and workstation market.
The current lineup of Core processors includes the latest Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i5, and the older Intel Core 2 Solo, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad, and Intel Core 2 Extreme lines.”

So, we see from this that the Intel i7 is the latest and greatest in the lineup of Intel processors.

Intel has a big chunk of the market cornered and if you dropship Intel i7 processors, you can get in on the action, too. Another strong selling point for the Intel i7 processor is that it has a global reputation for quality and is a brand name recognized around the world.

This is a good thing for ecommerce since the biggest stumbling block you’re likely to encounter when it comes to making sales online is the internet shopper’s fear and doubt about trust and security issues.

These misgivings are only natural. People are wary about sharing their personal and financial data online, in case of hackers or unscrupulous merchants selling their info to third parties. In addition, anybody can represent themselves as anything or anybody in the virtual world of the internet…..at least for a while.

A new visitor to your website or listings on eBay and Amazon won’t know a thing about you. For all they know, you’re an internet scammer who will take their money and run. So, when you dropship Intel i7 products or other well known and prestigious brands, it tends to build trust and shoppers are more lily to buy, knowing that Intel is a great company and their products of superior quality.

Who is a potential customer if you dropship Intel i7 processors?


  • Businesses
  • Students
  • Self Employed
  • Anyone with a Computer


If you’re in a rut with your present job---make a break for freedom and dropship Intel i7 to make money from home!


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