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Home Business Idea: Dropship Medical Books!

dropship medical booksAnyone in the market for a profitable ecommerce home business niche might consider this idea: dropship medical books!

The only thing better than working from home and being your own boss is working from home and making a lot of money! After all, that’s the whole idea, isn’t it? To work and make money for yourself instead of somebody else!

If you decide to dropship medical books, you have your foot in the door of a highly lucrative niche with a broad target market and plenty of consumers out there just waiting to be converted to customers.

Why Dropship Medical Books?

As doctor bills and the exorbitant costs of going to the hospital continue to rise to a level that the average person cannot afford---even with health care coverage---more and more people are trying to get proactive about their own health care.

This is a wise decision and statistics show that the percentage of people around the world are taking steps to learn more about their own health, or find out about any symptoms they might be experiencing, in order to try and avoid a big hospital or doctor bill by recognizing the problem and if possible---treating it themselves.

This is not to say that you should dropship medical books with step by step diagrams showing how to remove an appendix or gallbladder. Merely that the public wants medical books that help them decide if their problem lies in one of those areas or another.

Professional Medical Books

In addition, if you dropship medical books, you can also target the medical profession. They buy medical books, too. Plus, you can dropship medical books to med school students who have books they must buy to complete their courses.

Regardless of which types of medical books you decide to sell---books for the layman, the professional or students; rest assured that you will have enough of a demand for these products to earn you a good living, working from home!

Types of Medical Books

If you are targeting the general population, you will have a lot of choices as to which types of medical books to dropship. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Homeopathy
  • Natural Healing
  • Symptoms and Self Diagnosis
  • Common Diseases
  • Pediatric Medical
  • Geriatric Medical
  • And Many More

One thing to bear in mind is that you have to buy your dropship medical books at a low enough, wholesale price that leaves you a healthy margin of profit. If not, you will get discouraged quickly and your ecommerce home business will have an extremely short life span because…who wants to work without making any real money?

So, do your homework before dealing with a dropship product source and make sure you find a reputable wholesale supplier who does, indeed, give you genuine wholesale prices.

There is a saying you will run across a lot when you get into ecommerce: “You make your money when you buy, not when you sell.”

This simply means that you can’t buy for retail and sell for retail and come out ahead. There are plenty of wholesale dropship product sources who claim to give true wholesale prices, but when you do the math; you see that their prices are basically retail. This leaves you no wiggle room for profit!

Choose a good wholesale products source with a good selection of products, and dropship medical books to earn a nice, comfortable living from home!

Check out our full selection of dropship books with all the categories.


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