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5 Tips on How to be a Successful Dropshipper

how to be successful dropshipperAre you tired of trudging out to your job every day, feeling that the best years of your life are being spent making money for somebody else and wondering how to be a successful dropshipper?

If so, you might appreciate 5 timely tips to help you start and maintain a successful home business in ecommerce as a dropshipper.

So here they are, 5 tips to help you get started in dropshipping as well as how to run your ecommerce home business successfully:

1. Research carefully before choosing a niche. Your niche is vitally important to the success or failure of your dropshipping business. The trick is to find something that is in high demand, or at least in enough demand to keep you supplied with a steady stream of traffic and would-be customers. While there are those who firmly believe success can only be attained by selling products you’re passionate about---it isn’t so. The fact is that you don’t have to be passionate about the product. As long as it’s a good, high quality product that quite a few people want and need, whether or not it sends you into fits of joy is irrelevant. Be passionate about being successful, regardless of what you’re dropshipping, and that’s good enough.

2. Research the going market price for the niche product or products you decide to dropship. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can drastically undercut the competition and be successful. There is never a winner in a price war! By the same token, don’t think you can jack the fair market price up to an unrealistic high and be successful, either.

3. Once you find a good niche, be extremely selective in sourcing your dropship products. You want a product source that will give you real, honest to goodness wholesale prices. These prices need to be low enough that you can make a tidy profit on each sale. If not, you’ll just be spinning your wheels, working hard but not getting very far.

4. Once you select your products from a reputable wholesale product source, you’ll need to decide what venue or marketplace you want to use. There are certainly advantages to having your own website, such as not having to pay a percentage of your sales to the venue itself. This is the case with Amazon and eBay, but the flip side to this coin is that you cannot possibly hope to duplicate the enormous amount of global traffic that flows through these giant marketplaces 24 hours a day. So, you might decide that it would be better to pay some fees in return for more traffic and sales. If you decide to create your own website, there are many turn key type operations such as ProStores that makes the actual setting of the site an incredibly easy and user friendly process.

5. Once you’re all set up on whatever venue you chose, with your products for sale, you should focus on marketing for ecommerce. You can use email marketing, or social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, plus have specials, sales, coupons and promotions. The idea is to build your brand and to drive traffic to your listings. You should also focus on providing excellent customer service and buildi8ng a strong repeat customer base. A solid repeat customer base is worth its weight in gold to any entrepreneur!

Use these 5 tips on how to be a successful dropshipper and let them be your ticket to personal and financial freedom in a home business of your own!


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