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7 Tips for Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Dropship Business

social media marketing dropship busienss
Those who though (and said) that sites such as Facebook would be a 7 Days Wonder are having to eat those thoughts and words now that we have all seen their effectiveness for ecommerce, so you might appreciate 6 tips to help grow your dropship business.

Social media marketing isn’t rocket science. If you have been holding back, fearing that you aren’t enough of a computer guru to master the techniques needed to market your home dropship business effectively---get on board, you can do it!

With just a little know-how and some good work ethics, you can harness the awesome power of social media to help grow your online business.

Here are 6 tips to help you use social media marketing to grow your dropship business:

1. Once you have decided which social site you want to use for marketing, set about making your presence there as effective as possible. For example, if you want to tap into some of the 800 million Facebook users, set up a good Fan Page for your dropship business. Make it as good as it can be! There are a slew of free apps to help you make a killer Fan Page, so use one or more of them and make your page one that people will want to visit, like, and refer to others.

2. Be consistent and post fresh, relevant, valuable content on a regular basis, preferably every day. You can’t simply build a Facebook Fan Page, or establish a Twitter identity, and then abandon it. Google crawls these sites in real time, remember, so make sure your page gets indexed by providing new content fairly frequently.

3. Don’t be too personal on your social media marketing sites that you’re using to grow your dropship business. You want to be personable, likable and all of that---but leave off stuff that delves too deeply into your off-line, personal life. This means not announcing that you and your significant broke up or that you won the beer drinking contest at your local bar or anything along those lines. It’s unprofessional and will drive people away.

4. If you’re using Facebook for social media marketing, be sure to use Facebook Insights. These analytics of your Fan Page are free and can provide you with very valuable info about trends in user growth, demographics and more.

5. If Twitter is one of your main social media marketing platforms, be sure to update content frequently and find people to follow who might be interested in your niche products. Quality instead of quantity is key to successful social media marketing on any social site. To keep up with what you’re doing right or wrong, use the free tool, Twittercounter, that furnishes you with intel about your growth (or lack of) in followers for a 90 day period.

6. Don’t buy fans or followers! This is one of the biggest mistakes ecommerce entrepreneurs tend to make when engaging in social media marketing. Facebook is already actively working to expose and remove faux likes from pages, and Twitter is doing the same. If you try to inflate your numbers this way, you will invariably be found out and instead of helping your business, it will hurt it.

Use these 6 tips for social media marketing to grow your dropship business and start shifting your sales into high gear!


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