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Want a Profitable Home Business Niche? Dropship Menswear!

dropship menswearIf you want a profitable home business niche, dropship menswear!

Anyone who longs to break away from a 9-5 job and work from home with an ecommerce business would do well to consider dropshipping menswear. Ecommerce success largely depends on the niche you choose, so it pays to find one that has plenty of potential for sales.

Menswear is just such a niche!

If you decide to dropship menswear, you will be assured of a huge global target market of prospective customers. After all, in most parts of the world, men wear clothing, so getting in this niche gives you up a head start on the road to a successful home business.

Some Statistics About Menswear Sales

According to recent 2012 research by MarketLine, the global market for menswear is predicted to be more than $402 billion in 2014. This means a market surge of over 14 percent within a five year period. The top selling segment in the menswear industry is made up of clothing and footwear sales, which account for almost 60 percent of the market in terms of money spent. North and South America comprise nearly 35 percent of the world market.

Here are some very interesting stats from ReportLinker about sales in the menswear industry:

  • The world men’s jeans market has been increasing marginally over recent years, exceeding 115 million in volume sales in 2010. Economy jeans value sales fell 3% to remain under $3 billion in 2010. This was due partly to a consumer shift to discount alternatives and aggressive pricing practices.
  • Men’s outerwear, apart from jeans, has been rising slightly after two declining years. Growth was seen in several sectors, but men’s shorts, trousers and tops lead the men’s outerwear segment volume sales.
This is information that you can use if you intend to dropship menswear.

What Type of Menswear to Dropship

The menswear niche is humongous! You would have a hard time trying to be all things to all people if you dropship menswear. For instance, just the SEO, marketing and other aspects of ecommerce that would be involved in effectively attracting traffic and making sales for every category in the menswear niche would be daunting prospect and not one that you probably want to tackle as a home business person working by yourself.

So, you might be better off to drill down within this broad niche to find and develop a lucrative sub-niche.

You might want to focus on just jeans, for instance. Or dropship only shirts. Or give all your attention to jackets and coats. Or shoes. The possibilities are many and there is ample room within any sub-niche of the menswear niche to carve out a nice income for your home business.

Where to Dropship Menswear

The internet is wide open to you as a marketplace to dropship menswear. You may opt to create your own website, or go where the large volume of traffic is on sites such as Amazon or eBay.

Whichever venue you select to dropship menswear, you will have a profitable home business niche, so get started now and kiss that old 9-5 grind goodbye!


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