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Dropship Pilates and Yoga Clothing for Plenty of Profits

dropship Pilates and yogaFinding a hot niche is essential to ecommerce success in a home business, and you can dropship Pilates and yoga clothing for plenty of sales and profits!

Pilates and yoga are both in the forefront of the world wide health and fitness craze. This is a good craze, because the majority of people these days lead extremely sedentary lives….spending all day every day, or at least 5 days a week….sitting at a desk.

The human body was not designed to thrive in these conditions. In order to keep fit, your body needs regular physical activity. Without it, things start to break down. Muscles wither and atrophy, bones lose density and strength, your digestive system gets sluggish; all systems and bodily functions suffer from inactivity.

Ditto for mental and emotional health. Most of us lead such stressful, fast paced lives with no time to stop and smell the roses or just be still and relax for a while.

Yoga can be a lifesaver, literally, for those who are leading these hectic lives.

So, it’s easy to understand the popularity of Pilates and yoga. You can capitalize on this craze while performing a much needed service by supplying the demand for Pilates and yoga clothing.

Statistics on Yoga and Pilates

IBISWorld released an interesting report in 2011 regarding the rise in Pilates and Yoga enthusiasts. Here is an excerpt from that report, as shown in the Wall Street Journal:

“Revenue for this niche is expected to increase over the next five years in the U.S. by an average annual rate of 5.0% to $8.3 billion, according to a report released Tuesday from consumer-research firm IBISWorld. Profit margins are also forecasted to increase for the average industry operator to 12.7% in 2016 from an estimated 12.2% for 2011.

The projections take into account the proliferation of new yoga and Pilates studios throughout the country in recent years. IBIS estimates that their ranks have increased at an average annual rate of 7.5% since 2006, resulting in approximately 25,558 operating today.

The anticipated growth follows steady improvements in sales and profits over the past five years, IBIS reports. For example, revenue for the yoga and Pilates industry rose an estimated average of 9.5% every year during this period. The figure is an estimate since it takes into account projected sales data for the rest of this year.”

The IBISWorld report also says this:

“Together, revenue from fitness clubs, Pilates and yoga studios, boxing gyms and clubs, personal trainers, fitness DVD production and online sporting apparel sales is expected to total $45.2 billion in 2012. ‘

This means a wealth of opportunity for anyone who wants a red hot niche with a global target market of prospective customers!

Most yoga and Pilate practitioners wear the appropriate clothing for the activity, so if you dropship Pilates and yoga clothing at competitive prices and provide excellent customer service, chances are that your ecommerce home business will take off like a rocket and make you a lot of money!


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