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eBay Dropship Sellers: What You Should Know About the Cassini Search

eBay dropship sellers cassini searcheBay dropship sellers should make it their business to know about the Cassini search rolled out on the site this month.

If you have heard vague rumblings about the Cassini search, but are unsure whether or not it will affect your listings---wonder no more, it will.

In fact, it will affect every seller on eBay and not in a particularly good way if past history serves as an indicator. This will come as no surprise to the battle weary and punch drunk sellers who are reeling from one devastating blow after another in the eBay CEO’s ongoing program of what he cutely refers to as “disruptive change.”

That wouldn’t be most sellers’ word for what has been done, but that’s another story.

Anyhow, moving on to the Cassini search, what is it and how will it change the already-broken search algorithms on eBay?

What is Cassini?

In a nutshell, Cassini is an all new search algorithm for the site that will drastically change the way the search functions. Actually, the former search was almost completely dysfunctional, so it’s hard to imagine anything new being any worse, but the Cassini might top the old one in terms of being completely unhelpful to buyers and sellers alike.

How Cassini Will Affect eBay Sellers

  • Instead of getting thousands of results, many irrelevant, when a shopper searches for a particular item, the Cassini search will narrow the search results down to hundreds. These fewer search results are supposed to show shoppers more relevant results, which would be wonderful if it actually works out that way. So far, according to sellers, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • Cassini will use behavioral data to assume certain things about buyers as well as product listings, then filter and rank the results of this data to personalize searches for buyers.

  • Cassini will crawl the text in product descriptions in order to gather relevant info and data and, theoretically anyway, return more relevant search results.

  • DSRs will still play a part in evaluating a seller’s performance, but not in precisely the same way as before. Will DSRs still affect your rankings in search? Who knows?

  • The former search algorithm used dozens of factors to match searches to listings, but Cassini will use hundreds. Yep, you read it right: hundreds. This is a scary proposition, folks. Instead of there being dozens of ways to mess up searches, now there are hundreds.

  • Buyers will be able to basically personalize their search results by adjusting four things: Trust, Value, Diversity and Relevance, in order of importance to them.

  • eBay will be mining feedback comments left for sellers to try and determine such factors as trustworthiness, performance and buyer satisfaction. This data will be used in the search algorithms as well as risk models.

  • A shopper’s past buying behavior will weigh in with search personalization.

These aren’t all of the changes. There are more. How can you tweak your dropship listings to perform well in this new Cassini search? It seems that making sure your descriptions have plenty of info and keywords relevant to your product may be one thing that may help you to stay afloat.

You can also try to think of ways to step up customer service so as to improve feedback comments left for you.

Otherwise, you’ll just have to go with the flow, hope for the best and keep on keeping on.

eBay dropship sellers will be affected by the new Cassini search, but at this point, nobody is exactly sure to what extent.


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