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How to Become a Dropship Dealer for Brand Name Products


dropship dealer brand name productsAre you considering starting a home business in ecommerce and wondering how to become a dropship dealer for brand name products?

First of all, the very fact that you’re thinking of starting your own home business is a smart move! Life is too short to spend it trapped in a job that brings you nothing but high stress and low pay, so being your own boss in your own ecommerce business where you cam work and earn a comfortable living from the privacy, security and comfort of your own home is a vast improvement!

The internet has been the gateway to tremendous opportunities for ecommerce entrepreneurs who, while not having the kind of funding needed to start up a brick and mortar business, can well afford the nominal costs associated with getting an online home business up and running.

You may have heard about internet millionaires and suspected this was merely hype.

FYI: It isn’t hype, it’s quite true.

There are many, many internet millionaires in the world today. Now, this isn’t to say that you can or will become an internet millionaire with a dropship home business. The point is that there is a huge earning potential on the internet and if you’re willing to buckle down and work hard; you can make yourself a very nice income!

The Advantage of Dropshipping Brand Name Products

Now, when you start thinking of building a successful dropshipping home business, it is important to understand the advantage of selling brand name products. Here are just a few of the benefits you will reap if you dropship brand name products:

  • Brand name products are well known and help to overcome the internet shopper’s fear and wariness about buying online. When shoppers see that your products are from a world famous, established brand known for high quality; it’s a giant leap toward securing their trust so that they feel comfortable about buying.


  • Dropshipping brand names gives you a leg up in Google and other search engines results ranking. Many shoppers will actually shop for a product using a popular brand name as part of the search phrase, so if you are selling this brand---instant boost in search results!


  • Brand name products are almost certainly to be of higher quality than generic no-names. This is very important to you, a dropshipper with a home business, because your customer satisfaction will be exponentially higher based on the quality of the products you sell. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. What is more likely to have poor performance, design flaws and result in unhappy customers? The brand name product or a piece of mass produced junk? Exactly.

How to Get Dropship Brand Name Products

Unless you have a lot of money to invest, you are probably not going to be able to cut any kind of deals directly with the manufacturers of brand name products. Normally, they only sell wholesale in bulk.

Your best bet is to find a reputable dropshipper who carries a great selection of brand name products in a variety of niches and go from there. Make sure the product source gives you true wholesale prices and you’re good to go. You can simply choose the brand name products you want to dropship, import them to your website or listings and you’re in business, ready to start making sales and money.

That’s the best way to become a dropship dealer for brand name products, so get started today in your own profitable home business!


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