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Looking for a Great Ecommerce Niche? Dropship Children’s Books!

dropship children's booksHere is a tip for anybody who is scouting around for a great ecommerce niche: dropship children’s books.

Children’s books are a year round, tried and true performer for ecommerce. While you will probably see a surge in sales during the winter holidays as shoppers buy children’s books for kiddies on their gift lists; you can depend on a steady stream of traffic throughout the year.

If you have been thinking about starting an online bookstore, you might want to consider drilling done within the niche of books---which is huge---to develop a profitable sub-niche with just children’s books.

Which Children’s Books to Dropship

Generally speaking, the children’s book niche covers a lot of territory. For example, you can dropship books for kids of all ages and have a great selection to offer each age group.

People start buying books for children as young as less than one year. These are usually soft fabric paged books, sometimes with squeaky sounds or other sound effects.

From there, this niche goes all they up to tweens, which encompasses the group of kids that are aged between 10 and 12 or thereabouts. In fact, you can find plenty of books that are far from adult, but not for small children, either that would work beyond this tween age group.

There are many genres of children’s books. Here are a few examples:

  • Mystery
  • Story books
  • Picture books
  • Historical fiction
  • Folklore
  • Classic
  • Fairy tales
  • Biography
  • And more

Where to Dropship Children’s Books

This more or less depends on where you want to sell these books. You can opt to go with your own website, or dropship children’s books on eBay or Amazon. Any venue you choose will be fine, but when considering choosing a marketplace, do keep in mind how much traffic there is likely to be on the site.

Amazon and eBay are the giants among ecommerce marketplaces and both have an enormous flow of global traffic. Needless to say, this can come in mighty handy when you want to make sales!

Where to Source Wholesale Dropship Children’s Books

There are all sorts of dropshipping companies on the internet. However, this is where you need to be very wary and proceed with caution.

If you don’t do business with an established, reputable wholesale product source who gives you genuine wholesale prices, you cannot possibly have enough of a profit margin to make your ecommerce home business viable.

You also need to be careful to choose a product supplier that has a large selection of children’s books in all genres. In order to make a comfortable living dropshipping children’s books, you will need to have a wide variety of titles to stock your virtual shelves.

According to RT Book Reviews,  as of May 2012, it is the change in children's/YA book sales that are really making industry insiders take note. Total February 2012 sales in this category were up an impressive 73% compared to last year during the same month. Children's book paperback and hardcover sales both rose more than 60%.


That is fantastic news for you if you want to start an ecommerce home business and dropship children’s books!  You can also check out other categories of dropship books here.


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