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A Profitable eCommerce Niche: Dropshipping Educator Products

dropship educator productsHere is a thought for anybody who wants to work from home and needs a profitable ecommerce niche: dropshipping educator products is HOT and has the potential to earn you a nice income!

In ecommerce, your niche is one of the single most important facets of your home business. It is absolutely crucial that you find and develop a niche that has a great enough demand to provide you with a steady stream of traffic and prospective buyers. Without that, your home dropshipping business is doomed to failure and it wouldn’t be long in coming, either.

So, it is imperative that you do your homework before choosing a niche, to make sure you select one that will make your home dropship business viable and ultimately---successful beyond your expectations.

This can only happen if you are selling something people want.

What are Educator Products?

Educators, basically are teachers or those in the education field. This might be instructors at vocational schools, college professors, kindergarten or high school teachers---anybody who is teaching someone about something.

Why are educator products a hot niche? For the simple, sad reason that most states have cut funding for education to the bone and many educators are forced to buy their own supplies in order to have the things they need to teach students.

An unfortunate state of affairs, but a fact, and it makes educator products a very lucrative niche.

Types of Educator Products to Dropship

What types of educator products could you dropship?

This is an extremely broad niche since there are so many types and levels of education. Here are just a few examples of educator products you might dropship in your home ecommerce business:

  • Workbooks
  • Charts
  • Paper
  • Books
  • Chalk
  • Pens
  • Teaching aids
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Calendars
  • Maps
  • Teaching cards
  • And much more

Don’t forget home schooling, either. This is another very profitable niche with a huge demand. The recent increase in school shootings has caused more and more concerned parents to remove their children from the public school systems and home school them for safety’s sake.

These home schoolers will need teaching aids of all sorts. You can carve out a good income dropshipping educator products to home schools and have a great market from this demographic alone.

Sales Stats Educator Products

Here is some pertinent info and data from PRWeb about the online side of industry sales:

“The online sales for office and school supplies shook off a brief slowdown during the Great Recession to post strong earnings growth in the five years to 2012. During the recession, falling corporate profit and per capita disposable income forced businesses and consumers to cut back on the office and school supplies they used, causing industry revenue to drop. In addition, small-scale industry operators left the industry en masse because businesses and consumers switched to the industry's large-scale operators who could consistently offer lower prices due to economies of scale,” says IBISWorld industry analyst Dale Schmidt.

“But as the economy returned to growth in 2010, record corporate profit and rising per capita disposable income have led to average annual revenue growth of 3.4% over the past five years, including 6.8% growth in 2012 to reach $5.9 billion.”

Obviously, there is a wealth of opportunity here for any enterprising ecommerce entrepreneur who wants to make a comfortable living from the comfort and security of his or her own home!

Start dropshipping educator products today and take the first step toward achieving personal and financial freedom!


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