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5 Tips for Choosing a Wholesale Products Dropship Supplier

wholesale products dropship supplierA home business in dropshipping is a great way to earn a comfortable living, and before you get started, you might appreciate 5 tips for choosing a wholesale products dropship supplier.

Your success or failure with your ecommerce dropship business will largely depend on your wholesale products dropship supplier. So, it is critically important to choose wisely before you select a product source.

Here are 5 tips for choosing a good wholesale products dropship supplier:

I. Before you decide on a product source, check the business out with the BBB. If they have a low rating---beware! This means that the Better Business Bureau has had numerous complaints filed by consumers against the business. It usually means that the complaints have been unresolved, meaning that the business failed to make a good faith effort to resolve the problem with the consumer. This is a huge red flag! A low rating may also indicate that the BBB has little or insufficient background information about the company in question….another red flag. The last thing you want to do is base the success of your home dropship business on a company that has a low rating with the BBB!

II. Choose a wholesale product source with a good selection of products. For example, if you want to start an online bookstore, you’re going to need a product source that has plenty of books for you to offer customers. Ditto for any other niche you choose. Having a variety of products within a niche, or correlating with your niche, is also extremely helpful because it will allow you to utilize such effective sales techniques as cross selling, bundling and up selling.

III. Make sure that the wholesale dropship product supplier really is offering you true wholesale prices. Many product suppliers claim to do this when in reality their prices are retail or just below retail; which means that you would not be able to have an ample margin of profit and would be spinning your wheels making sales. You would be making money for the product supplier, but not for yourself. Obviously, this kind of arrangement would not work in your favor.

IV. Select a wholesale products dropship supplier who has high quality items. Name brands, preferably. Why is this important? Because if you sell shoddy, poorly made products that malfunction or are not up to the buyer’s expectation, you are going to be refunding a lot of money and fielding a lot of complaints from justifiably angry customers. Bad news travels like wildfire, especially on the internet. For example, if you are dropshipping on eBay or Amazon, a few disgruntled customers leaving negative feedback because you sold them crummy products will cost you an untold number of sales. Besides that, this kind of buyer dissatisfaction will get you booted unceremoniously off either of those giant marketplaces.

V. You should ascertain that the wholesale dropship products source you decide to do business with ships promptly. It’s okay for your buyers to have a little wait as long as you let them know what to expect. But an over-long wait will mean unhappy customers and bad feedback. Another thing to check on with a product supplier is that the items are packaged discreetly and securely. If you want to make a customer really, really mad---try sending them a glass lamp that arrives smashed to smithereens due to poor packaging.

Use these 5 tips for choosing a wholesale products dropship supplier and get your home business off to a great start!


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