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Want to Earn Money from Home? Dropship Medicine!

dropship medicinesIf you want to earn money from home, here is an idea for you: dropship medicine!

Health and wellness are very much en vogue and this makes medicine a HOT niche with tremendous potential for sales and profits. Anyone dreaming of having a successful ecommerce home business might do well to take a long look at the idea of filling the huge demand for these products and dropship medicine.

There are some niches for ecommerce that, although basically good, are more seasonal. This is okay if it suits your purposes. But, many entrepreneurs like a niche with a steady, year round demand. Medicine fits the bill for this quite nicely and will keep you in a reliable stream of traffic and sales throughout the year.

Medicine as a Niche for Dropshipping

Medicine is an ideal niche for dropshipping! Even though online sales in general are growing by leaps and bounds, with every day bringing new shoppers to the internet; the fact is that having to pay shipping costs is one thing almost every online shopper abhors.

Since most of the dropship medicine products you would offer online are lightweight, you can wow prospective customers with low shipping rates or even free shipping. Internet research has show time and again that free shipping is one of the biggest incentives e-tail merchants can offer shoppers to seal the deal and make a sale.

It is also the perfect niche to build a strong repeat customer base. Many shoppers will return over and over again to buy their particular medicine from you if you provide them with:

  • Good prices
  • Fast and reasonable shipping,
  • High quality products
  • Excellent customer service

Repeat customers are worth a small fortune to you! Not only does it cost about 12 times less to acquire a sale from a repeat customer than a new customer, but they also make wonderful brand advocates and will send you a slew of business from their referrals.

Another plus to dropship medicine as a niche is that it is imminently suitable for making more money through sales techniques such as bundling, cross selling and up selling.

For example, if a customer is buying cold products medicine from you, why not offer them a great deal on a digital thermometer?

You get the idea.

It is much easier to make a sale when people are in “buying mode.” This has been well established in sales for a long time. Strike while the iron is hot and a shopper is in the mood to buy! You are more likely to sell additional products when someone is already making a purchase.

Types of Medicine to Dropship

This is such a broad niche that you might want to drill down and develop a sub-niche. For example, you might want to offer strictly pain relieving medicines. On the other hand, if you’re the type of sales person that is horrified by the thought of leaving money on the table by not offering something for almost everybody; you could start a variety type online store and dropship many types of medicines.

Be sure to choose a reputable wholesale product source for dropship medicines. You want a company with high quality, preferably brand name products and true wholesale prices that are low enough to leave you an ample margin for profit on each sale.

Dropship medicine today and start making a comfortable living from home!


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