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Dropshippers for Senior Citizens Have a Profitable Niche!


dropshippers for senior citizensDropshippers for senior citizens have a profitable niche and an excellent one for a thriving home business in ecommerce!

One of the trickiest---and most critical---aspects of making your ecommerce home business a success is your niche. You must choose one that has a large enough demand to keep you in traffic and sales sufficient to earn a comfortable living.

Without that, your efforts are doomed to failure. Sales, whether online or off, are all about the law of supply and demand. If you supply a demand, you will make money. But, if there is no demand, there is nothing to supply, is there? Hence, no sales and no income.

Dropshippers for senior citizens are savvy enough to realize that this is an up and coming niche, or demographic, if you will.

What Products to Dropship for Senior Citizens

If you’re thinking in terms of products geared specifically to older people and nothing else---think again. While it’s true that you could create a great business selling strictly age related products such as walkers, incontinence pads and that sort of thing; that hardly scratches the surface of the scope available to anyone who decides to join the ranks of successful dropshippers for senior citizens.

Far from only buying stuff for older people, today’s seniors are making up an extremely healthy segment of the luxury product sales niche.

Based on research from American Express Business Insights in 2011, full priced online luxury web sites saw a sales increase of 25% year over year.

“Based on actual aggregated spending data, we saw evidence that, after remarkable growth in past years, spending in online discount is flattening while full-priced online luxury seems to have benefited from the flash sales that sparked consumers’ luxury appetite,” said Ed Jay, senior vice president at American Express Business Insights, New York.

“During the recession, consumers had to be mindful of fashion spending and took advantage of online discount luxury outlets such as flash-sale Web sites,” he said. “These sites also made luxury brands accessible to a large consumer base, given the much lower price point.”
Source: Luxury Daily

Now, if you’re scratching your head and wondering what the heck this has to do with dropshipping for senior citizens, read on!

American Express Business Insights research also discovered that seniors are taking a more active part in online spending than they did in previous years. As a matter of fact, seniors dominate the spend growth on flash sale web sites, which means they are outpacing growth by all other demographics.

Here is a tidbit that should be particularly tantalizing to a wanna be work from home ecommerce entrepreneur: This research showed that the spending increase among the senior demographic is not based on brick and mortar store sales data. Instead, these senior consumers appear to have quite shopping as much in traditional stores and have begun relying more on ecommerce for their shopping.


The moral of the story is that the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a niche for dropshipping for senior citizens. If the idea of dropshipping high dollar luxury items appeals to you, seniors are a fantastic market with a tremendous potential for sales and profits.

Dropshippers for senior citizens are making great money from home with an ecommerce business, and you can, too!


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