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6 Tips for Making the Most of Mobile Commerce in a Dropship Business

mobile shopping dropship business
More and more consumers are using their mobile devices for shopping, so you might appreciate 7 tips for making the most of mobile commerce for your dropship business.

So many people in this modern age lead hectic lives spent on the go, hurrying to get from Point A to Point B and then on to Point C with very little time to spend shopping. This is where mobile commerce is coming into its own, as consumers are able to actually shop and purchase things they want and need right from the mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad.

A savvy ecommerce entrepreneur understands the importance of this trend and how it is shaping the ecommerce market.

If you want to make sure your dropship business is accessible to these shoppers, use these 7 tips to help get in step with mobile commerce:

I. Use smaller, more mobile device friendly images. Always keep in mind that these smaller devices simply do not have the screen size of a laptop or desktop PC, and size your images so that they will show in entirety on a mobile device.

II. While you want to harvest email marketing subscribers---as many as you can---do remember that your opt-in subscription form needs to be as short as possible in order to be more mobile friendly.

III. Your mobile store online needs to be simplicity itself. Although you want to use breadcrumb navigation and speedy checkout, along with other user friendly things, keep it to a bare bones format so that mobile shoppers aren’t distracted by a lot of extraneous details.

IV. Don’t make your mobile site vastly different than your regular, full size site. You don’t want to sacrifice branding or confuse mobile shoppers by having store designs that are so different a visitor thinks they have strayed completely off to another website.

V. Internet shoppers are notoriously impatient under the best of circumstances, but mobile shoppers are usually really in a hurry. So, make sure that your mobile site search function is fast and user friendly, making it quick and easy for shopping and buying.

VI. Try to reduce data entry as much as possible. People shopping on mobile devices are going to find it harder to enter data in required fields than someone sitting in front of a desktop PC or laptop.

VII. Try to eliminate redirects and have your pages load directly on the mobile browser.

These tips can be immensely helpful in maximizing mobile commerce for your dropship business.

If you’re wondering if getting a mobile commerce side of your site implemented is worth the hassle, wonder no more.

It is!

For this past holiday season, Google predicted that approximately 54% of all shoppers would use their mobile devices to search for deals and promotions in advance of Black Friday. In addition, Google found that 62% of shoppers will use a mobile device to research products found in brick and mortar stores. In many instances, these mobile consumers find that they can purchase the item online at a significantly lower price than a physical store and will buy online after researching.

Make the most of mobile commerce to boost sales for your home dropship business!


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