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How to Buy Wholesale Products for Dropshipping

dropshipping wholesale produts
Do you know how to buy wholesale products for dropshipping? What should you look for in a wholesale product source? Are there things to check out to keep from being ripped off?

If you are longing to break away from a dead end, low paying job and start a home business in dropshipping, you may have some questions about wholesale products.

How to Buy Wholesale Dropshipping Products

First of all, it is important note that dropshipping wholesale products doesn’t mean you will be selling them at wholesale prices. No, you will be buying at wholesale prices and selling at retail prices. If not, you will not be able to make enough profit and your home business will go down like the Titanic and just about as fast.

You should research to decide on a niche and before you try to find a source of wholesale products. This will often help you narrow and refine your search so that it doesn’t take as long.

Before you enter into a business arrangement with a wholesale product supplier, you should check the Better Business Bureau to make sure the company is a member in good standing.

Also check contact details. Make sure they are displayed on the website and check to make sure the information is correct.

You can also get some valuable intel by using the free Whois.com service that tells you who a domain is registered to. If it is someone in a different country than what is showing in the contact details, it would behoove you to proceed with caution or you might end up doing business with Shyster Sam, the biggest scammer on the internet who will take your money and run.

Shop Around

As your mama might have said---shop around. Some so called wholesale product suppliers are in reality offering retail prices, or close enough to retail to preclude any possibility of your turning a decent profit. In this type of arrangement, you won’t make enough money to make your home business a viable enterprise.

So, take your time and compare not only prices but quality of products and business policies as well.

You don’t want to buy shoddy, poorly manufactured products that are going to be a nightmare once your customers start getting them. The last thing you want is a deluge of demand of returns and refunds because your buyers have received substandard merchandise.

It wouldn’t take much of this kind of stuff to end your selling career on Amazon or eBay, incidentally.

As for business policies, find out where the wholesale product source stands on such things as returns, lost packages and refunds. Be sure they the company ships promptly and securely and [provides tracking info.

Another key point is to ensure the wholesale product supplier has great communication and will keep you up to date with low inventory or out of stock notices. If you want to make a customer unhappy, try canceling their purchase!

If you have done your due diligence and checked out these important details, you are ready to start a home business with wholesale dropshipping products and get that money rolling in!


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