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Looking for a Profitable Home Business Niche? Dropship LDS Rings!

dropship LDS rings
If you are on the lookout for a profitable home business niche, dropship LDS rings!

When you have an ecommerce business, your niche is critical to your success. Choose one that is in high demand with plenty of potential buyers and you’ve picked a winner. Choose one that isn’t in enough demand to keep you in traffic and sales and you’ve backed a loser.

So, making sure to select a great niche with plenty of opportunities for sales will mean the difference between success and failure of your home business.

About LDS Rings

By this time, you may be scratching your head and wondering what an LDS ring is, anyway. In a nutshell, LDS rings are rings worn by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, otherwise known as Mormons.

An example of a popular LDS ring has the initials “CTR” on it. This stands for “Choose the Right” and is a reminder to choose the righteous path for behavior, not suggesting a political affiliation. This particular symbol is used by member of the Latter Day Saints of all ages.

This ring is certainly one of the more popular, but there are other LDS rings that are pretty hot, as well.

Here are some suggestions for LDS rings you might want to dropship:

  • I Love You
  • Lehi’s Dream
  • To Thine Own Self Be True
  • Young Women Ribbon Ring
  • Children’s LDS Rings
  • Classic CTR Rings
  • Endure to the End
  • Spinner Rings
  • I Am a Child of God
  • Return With Honor
  • Stripling Warrior
  • And Many More

As you can see, there is a wide variety of LDS rings available for dropshipping. Some are gold, some are silver, and some set are with precious stones. In short, there are LDS rings for everybody in this religion who wants to wear one.

This creates a demand and if you supply it, you are sure to make money!

Currently, there are an estimated 14.1 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is definitely a large demographic of prospective customers for your dropship home business.

You might not want to dropship only LDS rings, but to add them to your other jewelry products to widen your sales net and increase your pool of prospective customers around the world.

If you do decide to dropship LDS rings, your marketing for these products should be a bit different than your jewelry items in general as you need to target a very specific market. There are magazines and journals, both online and off, that are devoted to things concerning the Mormon church. Ads promoting your LDS rings might be well worth the money spent on them in any of these places, as you will be reaching only your target market.

LDS rings offer a lot of opportunity to expand the growth of your dropship jewelry sales.

Dropship LDS rings and boost your ecommerce home business sales and profits!


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