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Start a Dropship Business Blog to Boost Sales & Build Your Brand

dropship business blogIf you want to see your home business really take off, start a dropship blog to boost sales and build your brand!

Using marketing strategies to grow and build your home dropshipping business is just good thinking all the way around. With a little work and effort, you can greatly increase traffic, boost sales, build your brand and work at maintaining great PR, too.

You have probably at least heard of social media marketing and may even have a page on Facebook and a Twitter account. This is wonderful and is the type of marketing and promotion that will reap big benefits for your home dropship business.

But, did you know that a blog is social media, too?

It’s true! A business blog for your ecommerce endeavor is considered social media marketing and can be enormously helpful to you if you are willing to put forth the time and effort required to do it right.

The Benefits of a Blog

First of all, a blog is defined by Wikipedia as a “web log” and basically, that is what it is, although not so much as when blogs were just starting up on the internet. In the beginning of blogging, most people maintained a strictly personal blog and kept this daily web log to chronicle life events and things of that nature.

As time went on and ecommerce blossomed, more and more businesses began to see the benefits of having a blog to keep in touch with customers and potential customers, increase sales and drive traffic.

A blog gives you a place to interact with others and provides a platform for you to provide information and education, even entertainment, to viewers.

Blogging Basics

If you want your blog to work for you, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Blog consistently, on a regular basis. You should post a blog article at least every day, preferably, and more if you can manage it. The more the better. If you need to skip a day every now and then, no biggie. But try not to skip more than one day.

  • Keep your blog posts relevant but not too full of sales hype. In fact, this is a big no-no. A good rule of thumb, according to some master bloggers for ecommerce, is that your blog articles promoting your business should make up no more than about 15% or less of your total posts.

  • Try to have high quality blog posts as this is what will score you brownie points with Google. Especially since the Panda and Penguin updates, Google puts a premium on fresh, relevant, high quality content. Blogging is one of the best ways to provide this content to Google and keep your business high in the search engine results pages.

  • You can use WordPress as your blogging platform, or find another good one. WordPress is free and immensely popular because it has so many bells and whistles. Setting up your blog is almost a no brainer and you can customize the style and design to suit yourself. If you don’t feel up to writing blogs for your dropship business, you can hire a freelancer to do them for you. The cost will be offset in more sales and higher rankings with search engines.

Start a dropship business blog to boost sales and build your brand!


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