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Dropship Secrets: How to Increase Traffic to eBay Listings

dropship secrets eBayAre you interested in a few dropship secrets---how to increase traffic to eBay listings?

The truth is, there aren’t really any secrets about how to increase traffic to your eBay listings and make more sales. Most of the tips are plain old garden variety common sense and good business practices, but they will serve you well if you follow them.

eBay sellers are finding it increasingly difficult to make as much profit as they need to in order to maintain a viable ecommerce home business. The fees for higher priced items are jumping up yet again in May….way, way up for a lot of sellers.

This means that to be able to survive on the site, you will need to find ways to boost traffic and sales.

Here are some tips that will help drive traffic to your eBay listings:

  • Use best practices SEO in your titles. SEO is important if you want the eBay search engine to pick up your listings and place them high in search results. Try to use the main keywords as close to the beginning of the title as you can. For example, if your item is a Eureka dome tent, let those three keywords be the beginning of your item title.

  • You have 70 characters at your disposal for your eBay titles. Use them wisely. You need good SEO, but you also need your titles to attract shoppers and get them to click through to your listings. If you are selling clothing, for instance, try to romance your titles and make the item sound as good as you can possibly make it. Be imaginative. What sounds more appealing? “Long Dress” or “Twilight Purple Floor Length Formal Cocktail Party Dress?” Always include the size of the garment or other item specifics that will help catch the eye of a shopper.
  • Use great SEO in your item descriptions, too. Include your main keywords so that the eBay search engine, along with Google and others, will pick up your listing when their bots crawl the site. Include all information that will help a shopper make an informed purchase decision.

  • Use social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to promote your eBay listings. There are 800 million users now on Facebook and it is still growing. Pinterest is booming and Twitter is immensely popular. Harness the awesome power of social media to increase traffic to your eBay listings.

  • Work hard at maintaining the Detailed Sellers Ratings and feedback that will keep you getting a boost in Best Match search, eBay’s default search. Top Rated Sellers are supposed to get better ranking in Best Match. You can also help improve your search results ranking by offering free shipping and one day handling time.

  • Take advantage of eBay’s free marketing services such as seller emails to get more traffic to your listings. You can customize your emails and should actively solicit opt-in subscribers.

  • Have an eBay store. This is a great way to boost traffic to all of your eBay listings. There are several levels of stores, from basic to premium, and some benefits to having a store on eBay.
Use these tips and tricks to make your own dropship secrets: how to increase traffic to eBay listings!


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