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Are You Looking for a Dropship eBay Alternative?

dropship eBay alternativeAre you looking for a viable dropship eBay alternative?

Many sellers are upset about the fee hikes coming again the first of May. If you sell higher end, more expensive items, your fees are likely to double according to the eBay Fee Illustrator. In some cases, the new fees might even be more than twice as much.

So, with eBay once again using its philosophy of “If it ain’t broke, break it,” sellers will be jumping ship like the last passengers on the Titanic.

But, where to go? Is there really a good dropship eBay alternative?

The answer is yes. Yes, there is. In fact, there are several.

Let’s take a look at dropship eBay alternatives:

  • Amazon---Amazon is bigger than eBay and in many ways….better than eBay. The site is growing at a much faster rate than poor eBay and it was huge to begin with. While the fees are hefty here, too, at least you get consistently good service for your money. Amazon actually has something eBay somehow hasn’t been able to come up with: a functional search engine. You won’t have to worry about your Amazon products being buried in the clunky train wreck of “Best Match” search as found on eBay. Nor are the rolling blackouts that scads of sellers swear are real a problem on Amazon. There don’t seem to be site glitches as often as on eBay, either. All in all, Amazon is a very desirable dropship eBay alternative.

  • Overstock---Overstock has discontinued auctions, but if you can meet the site criteria for wholesale type prices on your dropship products, this might be a dropship eBay alternative. There are costs associated with selling, of course, based on the products.

  • Bonanza---Bonanza is still up and coming and might make an excellent dropship eBay alternative. The fees are a mere fraction of what you would pay on eBay and the site has built up a fair amount of traffic. Nowhere close to the global traffic that flows through eBay and Amazon, of course, but respectable.

  • iOffer---This site allows you to buy, sell or trade. New merchandise only, no auction formats. There is no listing fee for your dropship products, but you do pay a final value fee based on the selling price of your item. All photos are free, as is the gallery slide show. You only pay if your items sell and the fees are much, much less than eBay final value fees. Again, you aren’t going to see as much traffic on this site as the giants, eBay and Amazon. However, it may still be a reasonable dropship eBay alternative for you.

  • eBid---Smaller than eBay but it has quite a lot to offer a home dropship business. First of all, unlike eBay, it is a Google marketplace partner, a big deal in and of itself. No listing fees. Currently, there is a special running for a lifetime selling subscription at the low, low price of only $49.49. You get unlimited listings for life, 5 eBid stores, no final value fees, 5 free images, import from eBay, uploads to Google shopping and a free tee shirt, too!

There are others, too, where you might find a happy home if you are ready to look for a dropship eBay alternative!


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