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Dropship Sports Card for a Lucrative Online Home Business

dropship sports cards
If you want to be your own boss, dropship sports cards for a lucrative home business!

You can work from home in your own ecommerce business and have money coming in right away with dropshipping.

The dropship business model is undoubtedly the fastest, easiest and lest costly of any to get up and running, making money in a flash. You don’t have to pay for the products you sell up front, or hassle with packing and shipping, so you’re free to focus on selling and getting that cash rolling in.

To be successful in ecommerce, it is imperative that you have a lucrative niche with a product that is in enough demand to keep you in a steady supply of traffic and prospective customers.

When you dropship sports cards---you have such a niche!

Sports cards are a year round niche, too, so you won’t have to worry about seasonal slumps.

What kinds of sports cards should your dropship? There are several types that are considered highly collectible, including:

  • Baseball Cards
  • Football Cards
  • Basketball Cards
  • Hockey Cards

When you have a dropship business, you can sell all the types of sports cards if you want to!

According to Forbes Magazine, annual sales of sports cards in the United States were 250 million back in 2010, so you can see that this is a rich niche with plenty of potential for profits.

Here are some stats from Sports Cards Daily from an article published online in September 2012:

“In the last 90 days, starting around the time the first cards began hitting the market, $1.4 million worth of NFL rookie cards changed hands on eBay, with $1.16 million coming since July 4.

Sixty-day sales figures also show collectors putting money into some of the other high profile picks including number five pick Justin Blackmon.  Over $43,000 worth of his cards sold during July and August at an average price of $17.12.  However, the number of cards of Blackmon and other skill position first round picks offered on eBay was less than half of the cards of Luck and Griffin.  Blackmon's highest priced card sold for $620.”


No wonder collectors are scrambling to buy sports cards!

Where can you dropship sports cars?

Basically, wherever you want to. You might opt to go with one of the giants marketplaces---eBay or Amazon---where you will have to pay fees but will benefit from the enormous amount of traffic that flows through both of those sites.

You can start your own website, which some ecommerce entrepreneurs prefer.

Or, you can choose a turnkey operation such as ProStores. With ProStores, it literally is a turnkey operation. Your shopping cart, payment gateways and all of that good stuff are in place. All you need to do is customize a design, name your online store and then import your dropship sportcards from a wholesale product supplier.

Whichever option you choose, it is a safe bet that you can dropship sports cards for a profitable ecommerce home business niche!


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