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Outdoor Dropshippers are Gearing Up for Seasonal Sales!

outdoor dropshippersThe sunny days of summer time are almost upon us in many parts of the world and outdoor dropshippers are gearing up for seasonal sales!

If there is one thing that’s a given, it’s that people of all ages are going to be outside enjoying the warm weather in one way or another. This presents a golden opportunity for an eager beaver ecommerce entrepreneur to generate some big profits with seasonal sales by dropshipping the products that will be used for fun in the sun.

Outdoor drop shippers have an extremely broad niche of products to offer this influx of seasonal shoppers.

Type of Products for Outdoor Dropshippers

There are so many different activities associated with the good old summertime! Outdoor drop shippers are free to choose as many as they would like to sell since with the dropship business model, you never pay for the items you sell up front, but only after each one is sold and you have collected the money.

This means that you are free to go crazy and select a slew of outdoor dropship items---something for everyone. No worries about getting stuck with a bunch of excess inventory, as your wholesale product source houses the inventory, packs and ships the items as you sell them.

Easy peasy!

Here are some suggestions for outdoor drop shippers who are shopping around for summertime products to sell on eBay, Amazon, their own website or any other online venue:

  • Inflatable rafts
  • Sun glasses
  • Beach Balls
  • Sand Buckets and Tools
  • Croquet Sets
  • Badminton Sets
  • Tennis Equipment
  • Boating Supplies
  • Pool Toys
  • Pools
  • Sun Tan Lotions and Oils
  • Sun Block
  • Skis
  • Ski Tubes
  • Camping Equipment
  • And More

How to Increase Outdoor Dropshipping Sales

If you want to ride the wave of summer time sales, you must beef up your marketing, advertising and promotions.

If you haven’t already sat down and drawn up your seasonal marketing campaigns, you should get started right away! There are all sorts of possibilities to boost sales.

For example, you could have a summer themed contest on your Facebook business page and have outdoor products as prizes. It isn’t necessary to offer expensive prizes because most people love contests even if the prizes are fairly modest. But, do try to give away something that the majority of people could use. For example, sun block or suntan oil would make a nice gift for a warm weather social media marketing promotion.

Work up or hire someone to do a good email marketing newsletter for you that highlights your summer time promotions and specials. You should also actively work at building up your email marketing subscription list so as to reach you wider audience.

You might consider incorporating a summer theme into your web site pages or listings on eBay, Bonanza or other venue. This immediately gives viewers a clue about the types of products you are dropshipping.

Outdoor drop shippers can make a lot of extra income and boost their bottom line for the entire year with seasonal sales, so get started today!


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