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5 Time Management Tips for a Dropship Home Business

dropship time management tips
If you work from home in a dropship business, you already know how many perks and privileges go along with being your own boss and making a comfortable living without having to leave your house, but you may be aware of some pitfalls, as well, and would appreciate a few time management tips.

While there can be no doubt about how wonderful it is to be able to make a living working from home, any ecommerce entrepreneur has probably experienced some of the down side and little traps that can snare the unwary, making it harder to be as productive as possible.

The biggest stumbling block when you work from home is almost certainly that of time management.

Time is said to be relevant, and to some extent it is. For example, if you are sitting cooling your heels in a doctor’s office or an airport waiting room waiting for a delayed flight to arrive or take off….5 minutes can seem like half an hour.

On the other hand, if you are out somewhere with friends and/or family, enjoying good food and good company, time seems to fly and an entire evening can go by in a flash.

But, for business purposes, time is not relevant. It is a fixed commodity and you have X amount of minutes and hours to accomplish what needs to be done in order to keep your home dropship business operating at a profit.

Frittering away precious time is the pitfall that brings many a home business person to grief. So, use these 5 time management tips to good advantage in your dropship business and they will help keep you on track:

1) Instead of making lists of what you need to get done, use an appointment book or calendar. To-Do lists can grow to gargantuan lists before you know it and can reach a point where even to look at such a list makes you want to give up. But, when you block out specific time slots for specific tasks, it is more manageable and less daunting to tackle.

2) Take a week to write down in a journal the things you spend your working hours doing. Note which activities net you the most in terms of profit. Compare the time you spent doing those profitable things to the amount if time you spent doing things that don’t benefit your business, like personal phone calls or updating your face book wall with pictures of the big fish you caught last weekend. Obviously, allot more time for the activities that make money as these are the ones that are most important.

3) Realize that you will waste some time. It’s going to happen. No matter how vigilant or efficient you may be, there will always be a distraction of some sort and it’s best to make provisions for these distractions by allotting some time for them. This way, you won’t fall hopelessly behind in your schedule if you do encounter something that disrupts your work time and if nothing happens during your working day---you’re ahead of the game and can knock off early if you want to.

4) When you absolutely must get certain work done, put up a virtual or physical Do Not Disturb sign. Turn off your cell phone. Turn off instant messages online, as well as chat programs. Shut your home office door and inform whoever else lives with you that you are not to be disturbed until a certain time. It can be almost impossible to stay focused and on track if you are constantly interrupted.

5) Reward yourself for sticking to your schedule and getting everything done you panned to do. The reward system is the old carrot and stick ruse that works remarkably well to motivate many of us. For example, your carrot might be an early quitting time if you complete all your tasks as scheduled, or that new golf club or dress you want….anything that motivates you to plug away and complete your planned work!

Time management for your home dropship business can help you achieve success!


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