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Gear Up a Dropship Site with Musician’s Merchandise

dropship musician's merchandiseAnyone who is thinking about starting a home business in ecommerce might take a look at this suggestion: Gear up a dropship site with musician’s merchandise!

Music and the musicians who play it have been around for centuries. This is a tired and true niche with a huge global target market and reliable year round consumer demand that would be ideal for someone who wants to earn a comfortable living working from home.

If you decide to dropship musician’s merchandise, you will have a wide variety of products to offer your buying audience because this is a broad niche. In fact, it is so broad that you might decide to narrow your focus and cater to just one segment of musicians.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who abhor the idea of leaving money on the table by not having something for everybody; you could stock your virtual store shelves with a lot of selections for musicians.

When it comes to dropshipping musician’s merchandise, what sort of products might you sell? Here is a partial list of the types of products you might choose to dropship:

  • Guitars
  • Guitar Cases
  • Guitar Picks
  • Sheet Music
  • Tee Shirts
  • Promotional Material
  • Microphones
  • Amplifiers
  • Personal Keyboards
  • And Much More

Don’t overlook musicians such as those in school bands and marching bands, either, as this group of consumers also have a need for the type of products you would be dropshipping.

When it comes to marketing musician’s merchandise to increase sales in your home dropship business, you could use such techniques as social media marketing, email marketing and more. Promotions and contests are always popular, too.

This is a niche that lends itself well to ad sharing, as well. For example, you might share ads with a website that sells band uniforms or music recording equipment and software, since you would be selling products that correlate well with that niche and vice versa. Ad sharing is a low cost way to drive traffic and customers to your dropship musician’s merchandise products.

Where can you dropship musician’s merchandise?

There are a variety of websites that would be good platforms for you to dropship musician’s merchandise. You might prefer, especially in the beginning, to stick to one of the giant marketplaces like eBay or Amazon so as to cash in on some of the enormous amount of global traffic that flows through these sites daily.

Many beginning ecommerce entrepreneurs will start out on a big site and branch out on their own with a website after they have gotten established. You can also scope out a turnkey operation like ProStores that enables you to create a customizable web store in a matter of minutes.

Here is some encouraging news about sales of music products that might help you see just what a potentially profitable niche this is and how well you could do for yourself if you dropship musician’s merchandise:

“With consumer demand indicators picking up, participants in the music instrument industry are optimistic about higher retail sales this year, according to January survey results released today by GE Capital, Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF), a leading provider of financing to music dealers.

Thirty-eight percent of survey respondents expect their sales to increase five to 10 percent this year, while 43 percent expect increases of 10 percent or more. Last year, 26 percent expected sales growth of five to 10 percent and 54 percent expected growth of 10 percent or more.

Online sales appear to be a growing component of participants’ business. Participants in the music instrument industry are concerned about the growing popularity of online equipment sales. Forty percent of survey respondents said online retailer and auction site purchases would have the greatest impact on the music industry in 2013, up from 23 percent one year ago.”
Source: Yahoo News

Wow! This looks like a can’t miss niche for anyone who is willing to work to make their dream of earning a living from home come true.

Dropship musician’s merchandise for a lucrative ecommerce home business niche!


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