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Dropship News: Looking Around for an eBay Alternative?

dropship ebay alternativesIf you have a home dropship business, the latest batch of changes on eBay might have you looking around for a viable alternative.

The Spring Seller Update might be somewhat beneficial to smaller sellers or those who sell fairly low priced items, but for the sellers who deal in large volume and higher priced products---it’s another fee hike. A big one!

One thing this update has accomplished, it seems, it to put paid to the prevailing rumor of the past few years that eBay is making a concerted effort to get rid of small sellers, since this update actually gives them a bit of a break.

But, if you are in the group of dropship sellers who prefer to sell pricey goods, you will soon see your fees shooting up….again.

Many beleaguered eBay sellers are swearing that this latest change is the proverbial last straw and are actively seeking another online marketplace to move their dropship sales business.

So, are there any eBay alternatives?


There are alternatives, although some simply do not have the traffic that flows through eBay. Let’s take a look at your options available for eBay alternatives:

  • Amazon---This humongous marketplace is bigger and some say better than eBay. Amazon has continued to see massive sales growth during the past few years when eBay either remained stagnant or went backward. There are strict rules and policies for sellers on Amazon and the fees are about the same as eBay. But, you would have the advantage of more traffic, which would translate to more sales. So, the fees would probably be worth it.

  • Bonanza---This is a friendly site that has experienced much growth. However, it is still not getting the kind of traffic that the two giants--eBay and Amazon---get. Still, the fees are very low and if you have a hot enough niche and have been wise enough to build up a large opt-in newsletter subscription list of your customers on eBay, you might be able to take a lot of business with you. eBay wouldn’t like this but so far haven’t been able to prevent sellers from getting the email addresses of buyers from Paypal. This may be yet to come as eBay appears to be increasingly paranoid about buyers and sellers having any contact whatsoever. For now, though, you are free to harvest those email addys and run to the eBay alternative of your choice, announcing the move with a bulk email newsletter.

  • Ebid---This one is sort of like eBay’s little brother and has quite a bit to offer, even if it can’t match Big Brother’s traffic. The traffic is lower, but so are the fees. Some ex-eBay sellers are reporting good luck on this site.

  • eCrater---This eBay alternative is gaining in popularity and has a very user friendly interface for sellers. One big plus is that all items are added to the Google Product Search, something that isn’t possible with eBay anymore since their apparent falling out with Google. Buyers can also use Google Wallet at checkout if you want to get away from Paypal, and the fees are a little lower than Paypal.

  • OnlineAuction---This site offers an $8 monthly membership and no listing or final value fees, plus you can add a link to your own website, something eBay has prohibited for quite some time.

If you’re fed up to the gills with the constant policy changes and fee hikes, there are eBay alternatives for your dropship business!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


You forgot to add Bivver online marketplace , which has zero listing fees for sellers . Check it here --- http://www.bivver.com
Posted @ Sunday, June 30, 2013 9:27 PM by John
Thank you for contributing bivver.com
Posted @ Tuesday, July 02, 2013 12:16 PM by Lisa Miracle
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