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Need a Great Ecommerce Home Business Niche? Dropship Airguns!


dropship airguns
If you are living for the day when you can walk away from your 9-5 job and start an ecommerce home business, here is a great idea for a profitable niche: dropship airguns!

Airguns are hot and if you decide to ride the wave of their popularity, you can make some tidy profits working from the privacy, security and comfort of your own home.

There are many people buying and using airguns, so you would have a niche with enough of a consumer demand to ensure plenty of traffic and sales.

Although the popularity of airguns has increased during the past few years, they have been around for a long time.


Dropship Airguns: Information

You may have heard of airguns, but not have a clear understanding of exactly what they are, how they are used and what makes them a hot commodity for dropshipping.

So, to shed a little light in the subject of airguns, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia that will hopefully explain things:

“An air gun is a rifle (air rifle), pistol (air pistol), or shotgun that fires projectiles by means of compressed air or other gas, in contrast to a firearm which fires projectiles by means of a burning propellant. Most air guns use metallic projectiles as ammunition. A few use arrows. Air guns that only use plastic projectiles are classified as air soft guns.”

That explains what they are, but what are they used for?

Airguns are commonly used for hunting, pest control, plinking, (recreational shooting) and competitive sports.

They have been around for centuries and are an example of the oldest known form of pneumatic technology. The Livrustkammaren Museum in Stockholm houses what is believed to be the oldest airgun, a bellows type airgun dating back to about 1580. During the 17th century, airguns were used to hunt big game such as wild boar and deer. It was about that time that they began to be used in warfare, as well.

They were also used extensively for poaching back in the late 19th century because they were significantly quieter when fired than a conventional firearm.


Where to Dropship Airguns

You may have heard that firearms can’t be sold on eBay or Amazon and are wondering if this includes airguns.

In a nutshell---no, it doesn’t.

However, there are strict provisos that must be met on both marketplaces. Here is a list of eBay’s rules about the sale of airguns:

“Airsoft guns, replica guns, or other imitation firearms may be listed when:

  • They have blaze orange barrel markings or a blaze orange barrel plug permanently attached to the weapon.
  • They can't be converted to shoot lethal projectiles.
  • State laws must be followed. In most states, you have to be at least 18 years old to buy an airsoft gun.”

As for Amazon, they have many listings for air guns of all types.

You could also create your own web site, although many entrepreneurs who are just starting out prefer to stick with a large and established site initially, due to the huge flow of traffic.

If you want to bid a less than fond adieu to your daily grind and work from home, dropship airguns for a high performance niche!


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