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Starting a Dropship Home Business: Are You Ready?


dropship home businessWhile very few who have experienced the perks and privileges of working from home in a dropship business could argue that it isn’t fabulous, the fact is that being your own boss really isn’t for everybody and before you jump in with both feet---it might be a good idea to do some serious soul searching and ask yourself a few questions to make sure you’re ready.

Although starting a home dropship business doesn’t require a fraction of the start up costs associated with a traditional brick and mortar business, there are certain things that are common to all business owners, online or off.

Some do very well working from home, and others don’t.

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful? Here are some questions to ask yourself before embarking on a home business in dropshipping.


A Dropship Home Business

Let’s take a candid look at what you might reasonably expect if you start and run a home business of any sort, including a dropship business. Your answers to these questions should be revealing, giving you a pretty good idea if you can make the grade or not.

Fact: To be successful working from home, you need to be able to keep your eye on the ball and not be distracted too often from the job at hand. There is a ton of temptation when you’re doing business from home. Things such as personal phone calls, family, pets, television, Facebook and lots more can derail you and get you off track for getting your work done. You must be able to hold steady, even in the face of tempting distractions, and work.

Question: Can you do this? Can you steer a straight course toward accomplishing your daily work plan and goals, so that your home business will be a success? Or are you likely to cave at the first opportunity to abandon your work for something more fun? If so, you are unlikely to be a success with a dropship home business.

Fact: Those who are their own bosses must be able to get up and hit it at the time they have designate to start their work day. They have to be able to maintain motivation to do whatever it takes to meet their goals and keep themselves fired with a desire to succeed. If they falter, they have coping mechanisms to help them get their groove back.

Question: Are you a self starter? Are you self motivated, able to meet each new workday head on, with enthusiasm and drive? If you feel your motivation waning, do you have ways to get your want-to fixed? Have you lined up a support group or a peer who understands the days when your motivations gets up and walks out, and can give  you the pep talk you need to drag it back again? If not, you may not be a good candidate to work at home.

Fact: Nothing in life worth having comes easy. To succeed, you must have the determination to keep on keeping on even when you hit bumps in the road. Successful business people know that there will be perils, pitfalls and even plain old bad luck from time to time. But they also understand that with commitment and perseverance, these things will be overcome.

Question: Do you have the ability to stick to it and---if you get knocked down---get up, dust yourself off and start again? Do you see the slightest setback as permanent defeat and failure? If you do, don’t quit your day job. You probably wouldn’t make it in a home dropship business.

Before you start a home dropship business, be sure to get a healthy dose of reality and be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you will go into it with clear expectations.


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