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Dropship Tips: How to Gain Repeat Customers

dropship business repeat customersWhile there is no doubt that you always want to have fresh, new customers for your dropship business, you might be able to put a few tips on how to gain repeat customers to good use, too.

New customers are great. But repeat customers, the ones who come back time after time, are pure gold.


There are actually several reasons for this. First of all, repeat customer sales only cost a small fraction of acquiring new customers. Another reason is that they are much easier to sell since you have already gained their trust. Yet another---and very good---reason why repeat customers are money in the bank to your dropship business is that they make fantastic brand advocates, spreading the good word about you to people they know and greatly expanding your sphere of influence.

So, a few tips to help you gain repeat customers might come in handy to build your dropship business.

Dropship Tips to Gain Repeat Customers

Here are some tips to help you build a rock solid repeat customer base for your home dropship business:

  • Over Deliver---No matter what you promised the customer, go above and beyond it. Unfortunately, many people expect under delivery, so when you over deliver you really wow them. You don’t have to lose money to do this, just a little extra service or coupon for free shipping with the next purchase, anything that is probably beyond what the customer expected will make a good impression.

  • Have a Forum---Internet retail research has shown that ecommerce businesses that offer customers a forum to meet and cyber speak gain more repeat customers than those that don’t. Like the Cheers theme song said, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. By providing customers a place to interact, you’re making them feel at home and welcome on your site and much more likely to come back. For example, if you dropship camping equipment, you could have a forum for camping enthusiasts.

  • Allow Reviews---Allow customers to submit reviews or comments on your site about the products they bought from you. People in general like to get their two cents worth in. Give them an opportunity to do that and you are doing more to gain a loyal, repeat customer. Don’t worry about getting negative reviews, but if you get too many about the same thing; it would behoove you to sit up and listen because there is almost certainly a problem with the product.

  • Have Polls and Surveys---Use polls and surveys to let your customers tell you what they would like to see from your dropship business. It might be specific items, more coupons, promotions or contests…whatever it is, they will like being asked for an opinion and you can gain not only repeat customers but also some valuable insight into what your shoppers want from you.

  • Use Social Media---Social sites like Facebook and Twitter are a good way to acquire repeat customers. But, here is where many ecommerce entrepreneurs drop the ball and fail to use social media marketing to its best advantage: you must respond to comments! Nobody likes talking into a vacuum and if you don’t respond to customer comments, you will lose good will in a hurry, along with customers.

Use these tips to grow your dropship business with a strong repeat customer base!


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