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How to Boost Dropship Home Business Sales for Mobile Ecommerce


If you have a dropship home business, you need to stay up to date on mobile ecommerce!

This is a definite case of “you snooze, you lose” because more and more consumers are shopping online with mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. Unless you want to step aside and let your competition scoop up all those mobile sales---it’s time to get with the program and bring your home dropship business up to speed.

You can make sure you get in on the mobile shopping action by following a few simple tips such as these:

  • Be sure to use images that are mobile device friendly. This means no humongous images that are over large and require the user to scroll and scroll in order to see all of the product image. Keep your images smallish and mobile device accessible.
  • Avoid having any long forms for a mobile device user to fill out. This is exceedingly tedious for them and most won’t do it, costing you a sale.
  • Keep your mobile ecommerce web site clean and simple. The less frills and fuss the better! Strip it down to the bare bones basics. Do use breadcrumb navigation but as space is severely challenged on a mobile device, try not to have more than four main categories per page.
  • Have the shopping cart and checkout accessible from every page to facilitate the buying process for mobile shoppers.
  • Even though you need a designated mobile site, keep it as much like the parent site as you can so that it is recognizable as being yours. You never want to neglect branding. This means use consistency in things such as fonts, colors, appearance and more.
  • Always remember that internet shoppers are notoriously impatient and in a hurry, and that mobile device shoppers are even more so much of the time. So, to save precious time for these shoppers and aid in making sales, have an efficient on site search engine. Your search box should be large and prominent.
  • When you show images of your products, avoid having too much text with them. Keep your product descriptions accurate and do a good job of describing your dropship items, but don’t try to cram in too much text that distracts from the images.
  • Bear in mind that it is much harder for most people to enter data on a mobile device with small keys, so keep input fields to a bare minimum and yes check boxes where possible to save the shopper some typing.
  • To get more sales, have a text opt in subscription and make a real effort to get user’s mobile numbers so that you can text them news of deals, contests, coupons, promotions, new products and other happenings in your dropship business.
  • Eliminate redirects and be sure that your pages load directly to the mobile device browser.

Use these tips to enhance or improve your mobile shopping experience and see your dropship home business sales take off!


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