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Dropship Natural Products for a Booming Home Business

natural products dropshipIf you want a profitable, booming home business, here is an idea for you: dropship natural products!

With more and more people conscious of things like green energy and finding ways to live a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly, natural products as a niche is a great idea for any enterprising entrepreneur.

Natural products encompasses a lot of territory, so it is doubtful that you should even attempt to dropship all of it. Instead, choose just a few best selling natural products to dropship or perhaps a sub niche that you could develop into a money maker for your home business.

What sort of natural products would be good to dropship? Here are some examples:

  • Natural Shampoo
  • Natural Toothpaste
  • Natural Deodorant
  • Natural Soaps
  • Natural Household Cleaners
  • Natural Laundry Detergent
  • Natural Dishwasher Detergent
  • Natural Air Fresheners
  • And More

Besides natural products to dropship for humans, don’t overlook the natural niche for pets and animals, either! In fact, this is big business and even more so since so many pet foods and treats have been responsible for deaths and illnesses of thousands of animals across the country.

Many pet owners consider the health of their pets to be just as important as their own and natural products of all kinds for pets---including toys, bedding and more---are seeing boosts in global sales.

When thinking about natural products for people, don’t overlook the health conscious public that wants natural, healthy treats and food instead of foods laden with steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals and all sorts of other things we weren’t designed to ingest.

Natural products that include various foods would be a niche rich in potential for anyone who wants a lucrative home dropship business online.

Check out these interesting stats from PCG Advisros:

  • Sales of natural & organic food and beverages saw 85% growth from 2005-2009 to reach $36.4 billion at wholesale vs. 2-3% annually for conventional products.
  • U.S. consumer sales of functional foods and beverages grew 22% from 2006-2009 to $37.4 billion.
  • U.S. sales of organic food and beverages have grown from $1 billion in 1990 to $24.8 billion in 2009. Sales in 2009 represented 5.1 percent growth over 2008 sales.
  • AC Nielsen scanner data reported FDM retailers generated $45.6 billion in sales of better-for-you products in 2009.
  • In a recent UNFI trend report, 65% of consumers express the most desire for foods with organic ingredients.
  • One in three (34%) people have a household member with celiac disease or wheat intolerance.
  • 61% of Americans have visited a natural foods store in the past year.

And more:

  • U.S. (non-consumable) natural products sales topped $56.7 billion in 2009 showing 9.7% annual growth.
  • Surpassing a 15% CAGR over the past 5 years, natural home and personal care products have emerged as high growth sub-sectors.
  • Overall growth in the (non-food) natural products industry is expected to average just over 12% through 2014.
  • Female baby boomers are the largest personal care buying segment, known for their spending power, proactive health habits and dedication to product research. These women average 13+ hours online every week making the online market a powerful resource.
  • Skin care remains the most important category in the global beauty market, accounting for 23% value share of total sales in 2009.

It’s easy to see that if you dropship natural products in your home business, you will have a ton of choices when it comes to what items to sell and plenty of consumers who want them!


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