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Boost Ecommerce Dropship Home Business Sales with Power Words!

dropship business power wordsDid you know that you can use certain power words to boost your ecommerce dropship home business sales?

It’s true! Some words are extremely powerful and carry a lot of clout when it comes to making sales and converting visitors to buyers. Smart and savvy sales people, both online and off, are aware of how powerful some words are and how they can be effectively used to increase sales and profits.

Basically, this is a psychological type thing and specific words trigger specific responses in shoppers that make them more likely to go ahead and pull the trigger on a purchase. Obviously, these words would be good to familiarize yourself with and include in your arsenal of sales techniques!

The whole idea is to create, with words, the desire in your potential customer to go ahead and become a customer instead of just a lookey loo.

If this whole concept of power words is new to you, not to worry, getting the hang of it is easy and exciting!

Take a look at the previous sentence. Four power words were used. Read on to find out what they were, along with other good ones.

  • You---This is one of the most powerful power words. It packs a punch because it personalizes and involves the reader in the conversation; either written or spoken. Use this one early on and use it as often as possible throughout your dropship copy and content.

  • New---This is a great buzz word because almost everyone responds to the idea of something new. Most people are eager to try something new.

  • Easy---People love the whole concept of something being easy, meaning not hard to do. Use this power word to score points with shoppers and let them know that using and/or buying your dropship product is a piece of cake.

  • Exciting---The majority of people get about excited about the word exciting. Use it when possible as long as you can work it in and make it sound natural.

  • Lifetime---Conveys the idea that something will last a lifetime, meaning it is a high quality product instead of junk that will self destruct shortly after they receive it.

  • Hurry---This one creates a sense of urgency, such as you might use for a limited time offer. “Hurry before this offer expires!”

  • Offer---This creates the impression that haste is desirable as this isn’t a permanent, every day type of deal, but a limited time offer.

If you doubt the effectiveness of these power words, how about trying them out?

Do a little A/B testing with some of the power words on one page of copy and none on the other, then monitor to see which page has the higher conversion rate.

If you have your own website, you can use this free tool from Visual Website Optimizer.

Some of the power words might work better for you than others, but after a little testing, you might be surprised to find out just how very powerful these words can be and how helpful in boosting sales for your ecommerce dropship home business!


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