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How to Use Great Copywriting for Your Home Dropship Business

dropship business copywriting
If you can master great copywriting, it will be of tremendous benefit to your home dropship business!

Copywriting isn’t just something that New York City advertising executives excel at and use daily. It is something that every ecommerce entrepreneur needs to become familiar with and strive to hone their skills continuously, in order to write effective copy that converts to sales or brings about a desired action or response.

You should realize that online sales are not made by flashy graphics, colorful websites or even wonderful products and low prices. Persuasive content and good copywriting that converts shoppers to buyers is what makes sales.

It isn’t rocket science, but you do need to follow a few basic rules of copywriting for your home dropship business to make it work for you as it should. Here are some tips to using effective copywriting.

  • Understand that sales are emotion driven. In other words, an online shopper is driven more by feelings than by anything else. They respond to how the product will make them feel and what it will do for them, instead of its attributes or ingredients. For instance, if you are dropshipping health supplements, shoppers are more apt to buy based on the extra energy and wellness benefits they will derive from your products---not their key ingredients. Of course, you should mention all of the pertinent info about your products, but do it in a way that backs up the claims you make about it.

  • Have a great title. Your title is the first thing that most shoppers see when browsing over your content or product descriptions, so make it count as first impressions are usually the strongest. While you don’t want to mislead shoppers with pie in the sky claims about your products; do write your titles so that the average shopper will be tantalized and want to know more.

  • Make your content believable. Most people don’t want to buy anything from someone that comes across as not knowing what they’re talking about. For example, if you were dropshipping car air fresheners, you wouldn’t want to describe them as “air fresheners that hang from the thingy that holds the rear view mirror to the windshield.” That sounds stupid and as though you are clueless about your own products. Write with accuracy and authority for effective copywriting that converts to sales.

  • Target your copywriting. Know your niche audience and target your copywriting and content to that specific group of consumers. If your dropship niche is pet supplies, target your content for pet owners. You might have separate pages and landing pages for cat owners, dog owners, aquarium enthusiasts and so on. For each page, keep your copywriting targeted to that particular group of shoppers to make it more personal and relevant for them.

  • Ask for the sale. This is such a simple step, but you might be amazed at how many ecommerce business people fail to use it! Merely asking someone to buy with a strong, clear call to action will dramatically increase your sales. Tell your shopper exactly what you want them to do next: Buy Now, Click Here, etc.

Use these simple but useful and effective copywriting tips to increase sales in your home dropship business!


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