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eBay Dropship Seller Tips & Tools for Success

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If you are an eBay dropship seller, you may be interested to get some tips and tools for success!

Anyone who is longing to get out of a deadly dull, high stress and low pay job in favor of working from home in a dropship business of their own is already on the right track. Disregard any of the gloom and doom stories you might see online about how it is impossible to succeed on eBay and especially with a dropship business model.

This is simply not true.

Many, many people from all around the world are earning very comfortable livings--or more--as dropship sellers on eBay, and you can, too, provided you follow a few easy rules and tips.

Here are some valuable tips and tools that can be your strongest business partner for your dropship selling career on eBay.

  • First, establish your account. If you don’t have much feedback, Paypal is apt to hold your payments until each products has been received by the buyer. Who wants that? So, set up your account and begin making some small purchases to establish feedback. Besides, buying before selling can be extremely helpful in giving you a bird’s eye look at the process from a buyer’s point of view. If nothing else, you might learn what NOT to do.

  • Find your niche. This is of paramount importance in selling on eBay. You should find a niche with a large enough demand to keep you in sales and traffic. Hopefully, your niche will not be oversaturated with competitors. Some competition is okay, of course. You can out distance your competition by providing better customer service than they do and thus gaining more repeat customers, as well as referrals from previous buyers.

  • Try using audio in your listings. Many shoppers respond favorably to audio as long as it is pertinent info about your product that helps them make an informed buying decision.

  • Be careful to fill out all of the Item Specifics. Yes, It’s a tedious process, but the more completely you fill these out, the higher eBay’s search engine will rank your listing in search results. So, it is definitely a worthwhile thing to do.

  • Have more auctions of shorter duration. The reasoning behind this is that even with the new eBay Cassini search engine, listings ending soonest will be elevated in search results for Best Match. This way, you also get more exposure for the shoppers who search by Ending Soonest, too.

  • Use an email signature. You can opt in to do this on eBay and you might be surprised at how much it will help your sales. As a rule of thumb, use 6-8 lines that describe briefly what you sell and include a link to your eBay store. You can set it up so that this signature is added automatically to every email you send on eBay.

  • Take advantage of the free eBay Research Labs tool called BayEstimator that can help you write better titles that should generate more click throughs for you. It’s a handy tool and you can learn a lot about what search words within your niche are trending and hot.

These tips and tools can help you become a successful eBay dropship seller, so get started today!


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