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Make Money From Home Dropshipping Action Cameras!

dropshipping action cameras
Anyone who is day dreaming about leaving a 9-5 job and starting an ecommerce business should consider this: you can make money from home dropshipping action cameras!

Working from home and being your own boss is the closes thing to a perfect job you are ever likely to find. You will need to be willing to buckle down and work hard to achieve your goals, but the opportunity to earn a very comfortable living with online dropship sales is there for whoever wants to go for it.

One of the most critical aspects of a home business in ecommerce is the niche you choose. If you have a niche that is in demand with consumers, you have progressed several spaces on the game board to success and attaining the life you dream of having for yourself and your family.

When you dropship action cameras, you have such a niche. Action cameras are in great demand and you will find a well developed target market of potential customers who buy and use these cameras.

What are action cameras?

In a nutshell, action cameras are those used to video vacations, extreme sports, car and horse racing---a little bit of everything, usually outdoors. They are small and extremely durable, making them ideal for shooting videos of action packed scenarios.

According to retail sales data, action cameras are on of the fastest growing products within the whole camera niche, enjoying a surge in popularity.

Here is some interesting info and encouraging stats about the camera niche in general from Report Linker:

“The world photographic products market generated sales of over $55 billion in 2010, according to MarketLine. Cameras lead the market, with sales of close to $35 billion, or more than 60% of the overall market. Growth is expected to accelerate at a rate of more than 3% yearly, bringing the market to over $65 billion by 2015.  Photographic products encompass cameras, camcorders, optical instruments and other photographic equipment.
Over 140 million units were digital camera units were sold in 2010, with the figure predicted to exceed 145 million in 2011, reports Research in China. Digital photography continues to encroach on sales of traditional cameras and films. This trend will continue over the years to come.”

It’s easy to see that cameras as a niche and action cameras as a profitable sub niche are rich in possibilities of profits in a home business.

Where can you dropship action cameras?

Basically, any of the larger marketplaces online such as Overstock, eBay, Amazon and others are suitable venues to dropship action cameras. You could also start your own website. If you go this route, you won’t be paying fees, but you won’t have anywhere close to the volume of global traffic that flows through these mega marketplaces, either.

Many beginning home business owners opt to go with an established, well known platform, at least until they get a feel for ecommerce and how it works.

In order to make a comfortable living dropshipping action cameras from a home business, you will need to source your products from a reputable supplier who will give you true wholesale prices. Otherwise, you won’t have enough of a margin for profit.

You should also be sure to deal with a wholesale products source that has only high quality products, preferable name brands as these help to build trust with online shoppers because they recognize the brand name and know it to be of high quality.

Many people have had the same dream you do about starting their own home business and have followed through to make those dreams come true. You can, too, with a home business dropshipping action cameras!


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