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Home Business Tip: Knife Dropshippers Have a HOT Niche!

knife dropshippersAnyone who wants to start a home business in ecommerce should think about this: knife dropshippers have a hot niche!

Knives have been around since our Stone Age ancestors laboriously chipped out a crude blade of stone using another piece of stone. Chip, chip, chip. Many hours of hard, painstaking work must have gone into those first knives, but no doubt they were considered well worth it by these primitive cave dwellers who needed a weapon to not only hunt animals for food, but as self defense against such fearsome creatures as saber tooth tigers.

Since then, down through history, knives have been a perennial favorite as weapons of self defense, for hunting, in combat, cooking, eating and just for everyday life for such things as cutting the twine from hay bales.

There are many knife enthusiasts who simply love to collect them and buy knives to add to their existing collection.

Regardless of what type of knives you decide to dropship, you can count on a great target market of potential customers who want and need your products.

Stats for Knife Dropshippers

Here are some interesting stats from studies conducted in recent years by various market research groups and associations:

  • 3,881 direct U.S. Employees at 61 Companies
  • 19,405 Ancillary Support Jobs in other industries
  • $986.87 Million Gross Revenues (2007) at manufacturer/importer level
  • $5.921 Billion Total Economic Impact on U.S. Economy
Source: American Knife & Tool Institute

  • 35,595,000 Million U.S. Households own an outdoor or pocket knife
  • Of all outdoor and pocket knife owners - 68.8% are men, 31.2% are women
  • Of total U.S. population - 22.97% of pocket knife owners are men, 9.72% are women
  • 24,775,000 Million U.S. Households own a hunting knife
  • Hunting knife owners are 60.46% men, 39.54% women
  • Of all hunting knife owners - 13.84% are men, 8.77% are women
Source: 2008 Doublebase Mediamark Research & Intelligence

  • Courts in California, Texas, Illinois and Michigan have expressly ruled that assisted-openers are not switchblades
  • 90% of all hunters and fishermen use knives, often the same knives they carry every day
  • 80% of new knife sales in past five years were one-hand openers and assisted-openers
  • Multi-tools with one or more knife blades are considered one-hand-openers for purposes of this study. They are generally banned as carry-ons by airlines and school districts with zero-tolerance policies.
Source: 2007 Report – The AKTI State of the Sporting Knife Industry

  • 900,000 active law enforcement officers employed (2006) - 90% own at least three knives
  • 2.1 Million EMTs, firefighters, security guards (2006) - 90% own knives or multi-tools
  • 2.2 Million active and reserve military servicemen/women - 90% own at least two knives
  • 7.7 Million construction employees (2008) - 60% own at least two knives, 35% own multi-tools
  • 17.7 Million campers (2005) - 70% own knives, 20% own multi-tools 1
  • 6.9 Million boaters/sailors (2007) - 40% own knives, 30% own multi-tools
  • 4 Million Boy Scouts and volunteer/leaders (2007) - 75% own knives
  • 140 Million hikers, bikers, landscapers, gardeners (2008) - 20% own knives
Source: American Knife & Tool Institute

Obviously, knife drop shippers need have no worries about a lack of customers!

Venues for Knife Dropshippers

So, where can knife drop shippers peddle their wares? Basically anywhere on the World Wide Web they want to. Any of the larger marketplaces will do, including Amazon and eBay. You could start your own website, or use a turnkey service such as ProStores if you are in a hurry to get started but don’t want to pay seller fees on one of the giant venues.

There are pros and cons for every venue. You sill simply have to determine which will best suit your purposes.

Inventory for Knife Dropshippers

One of the beautiful things about the dropshipping business model is that you do not have to buy any inventory up front, paying for your items only as each is sold and you have collected the payment from your buyer.

Knife drop shippers will need to find a reputable wholesale product source with high quality knives---preferably name brands. Selling a name brand product rather than a generic no-name product is almost always preferable, simply because most shoppers are familiar with the brand and trust it to be of high quality, which translates to more sales for you.

Since you don’t have to house your inventory, knife dropshippers should also be aware that this eliminates the hassle and expense of packing and shipping products after they are sold. This is a huge bonus!

Knife drop shippers have a hot niche, so if you want a profitable home business, get started today!


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