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Laptop Dropshipping Sales are Booming!

laptop dropshippingLaptop dropshipping sales are booming, so if you have been thinking about starting a home business but couldn’t decide on a profitable niche---consider this one!

People all over the world are getting online and many of them are doing it with laptops rather than desktop computers. Laptops and notebooks are very popular because they offer much in the way of convenience being lightweight and portable, as well as giving the user an option to work off of batteries rather than a standard electrical power source.

Since we are all becoming part of a mobile society with people on the move, portability in a PC is a strong selling point.

And here is something else to keep in mind: people aren’t just using laptops for traditional computing things. They are used for much more, such as playing games and watching videos, movies or TV episodes. Here is an interesting snippet of news about laptops from Fact Browser:

  • 50% of US consumers who watch original professional digital video programming do so on laptops. 45 million viewers each month watch original professional digital video programming on laptops.

Here is another piece of info about what people are using laptops for:

  • 55% of US households own laptops, up from 40% in 2010.

And more:

  • Mobile internet users spend an average of 117 minutes per day online on their devices, and 140 minutes on their desktop PCs or laptops.

So, as you can see, laptops are a hot niche and an ideal prospect for anyone who wants to start a successful home business in ecommerce.

You would definitely have a large target market of prospective customers if you decided to get into laptop dropshipping. As with many other products, you could reasonably expect to see a surge in sales during the winter holidays, but should be able to count on a steady stream of traffic all through the year with laptop dropshipping.

Where can you dropship laptops?

More or less anywhere online that allows online sellers a sales venue. This includes:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Bonanza
  • uBid
  • eBid
  • And More

You will have to pay fees on those sites---some more than others---but huge marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have a flow of traffic you could not possibly hope to match on your own. So, there is that to think about. Nor would you need to work as hard at marketing and advertising is you do laptop dropshipping on one of the big, established sites.

If you think you could generate enough traffic in an online store of your own, you could set up a website or use a turnkey service such as ProStores.

One of the main ingredients in success with laptop dropshipping is to select a reputable wholesale product source. You want to deal only with a business that has a good better Business Bureau rating, has name brand products and offers genuine wholesale prices. Many a wanna be ecommerce entrepreneur has failed as a dropshipper simply because they paid too much for the products bought for resale.

Buy wholesale---sell retail. That is the recipe for success!

If you want a profitable home business in ecommerce, check into laptop dropshipping today!


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