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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for a Home Dropshipping Business


Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island with no access to news from the rest of the world for the past decade or so, you have surely heard of social media and social media marketing, but are confused about how you could use it to the advantage of your home dropshipping business.

Many home business owners are bypassing social media marketing because they mistakenly think they are too small fry for it and that it will help big box brands, but not theirs.


If you have a business---any kind of business---large or small, online or off, social media marketing can help you!

Here are 5 tips that will be useful to you in social media marketing for your home dropshipping business:

1. Quality over quantity---There are a slew of social media sites. Pick the ones that will deliver the most bang for your buck, so to speak, and go with two or three. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are huge, for instance. Choose one or all three of those sites and you can’t go wrong. But don’t get so much on your plate that you can’t do a good job because you have spread yourself too thin.

2. Be consistent---You can’t just create a face book fan page and then disappear into the ether. In order to be successful with social media marketing, you should plan on maintaining a consistent, steady presence on the site. Ideally, post a few times a day but if you can’t manage that---at least once every day.

3. Listen---Don’t just get on Facebook or Twitter and talk AT people. Talk TO them. A lot of social media marketer wanna bes make the fatal mistake of posting but never actually engaging or listening to what others have to say. If you don’t listen to them, they won’t listen to you. It’s just that simple.

4. Give something of value---Don’t jump into social media trumpeting the glories of your dropshipping business. Nobody wants all that sales hype and in fact, will avoid it like the plague. It’s okay to promote your business, of course, but provide something of value for the most part. This can be a funny image or saying, an interesting tidbit of news pertaining to your niche, a contest, a giveaway or other promotion, a how-to or funny video---you get the idea.

5. Timing---As with so many other things in life timing…while not everything…is important in social media marketing. Social Caffeine created an info graphic based on research and surveys that shows the best times for engaging on various social media sites. You can use free services such as HootSuite to help you schedule your face book posts and tweets to appear at the optimal times.

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Social media marketing is a great way to grow and build your online home dropshipping business, so don’t delay any longer---jump on the social bandwagon and watch your sales grow!


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