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Video Marketing Basics for an Online Dropshipping Home Business

video marketing dropshipping
Anyone with an online dropshipping home business might be interested in getting some basics about video marketing.

Video marketing is HOT and your business could be of tremendous benefit to building your brand and boosting sales, so if you aren’t already into it---get started now!

What is video marketing, exactly?

It is just what it sounds like: you make videos for marketing your dropshipping business. One important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to go and hire Steven Spielberg to make your video, or Angelina Jolie to start in it. Yes, this would be nice but your chances of getting her to do it are more or less zero, so set your sights on someone you can afford---like yourself.

If you don’t want to star in your own video production, see if a kindly friend or family member will step up to the plate,

The point is that it doesn’t have to be an epic saga of Hollywood box office proportions. Just a simple, reasonably brief, amateur video will do the job. You can use a digital camera in video mode, a home video camera or even the video camera on your cell phone if the quality is okay.

The thing is….consumers love videos!

Yes! Videos are popular. Internet users flock to sites such as YouTube to watch videos about everything under the sun. Your video might even go viral if you are lucky. Just think about that that could do for your dropshipping business!

You don’t want to make your marketing videos too salesy and full of hype about your dropship products. This will turn people off in a heartbeat and they’ll hit the back button before you can blink. So, make it educational, informative, instructional or otherwise of value. You can do this about something that correlates well with your dropshipping products, for instance. If you are dropshipping camping equipment, you might have a marketing video about hot to set up a tent, or clean a fish, or start a fire.

Don’t be afraid to use humor!

People adore something that makes them laugh and this is an excellent way to build great PR and make a connection with your audience. Funny videos are most often the ones to go viral, by the way.

Here are some interesting factoids about videos that might help to convince you what a valuable marketing tool they could be for you:

  • YouTube reaches more adults in 18-34 year old age group, in the United States, than any cable network and it’s still growing by leaps and bounds.

  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

  • Every company listed in the AdAge Top 100 National Advertisers uses YouTube for video marketing.

These stats should give you a very good general idea of the value of video marketing. So, don’t waste another minute! Lights! Camera! Action!

Start using video marketing to grow your online dropshipping home business!


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