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Dropshipping Tips: Should You Be Marketing to Teens?

dropshipping market to teens

Someone with an online dropshipping business might be wondering if the teenage segment of the population is worth targeting in marketing efforts.

If you fall into that group, wonder no more. The answer is yes.

A recent report by Piper Jaffray, an investment firm, is extremely enlightening about teen shopping. In fact, it’s a veritable treasure trove of information for any canny ecommerce entrepreneur who wants to get the low down on shopping behavior of teenagers and how to leverage said power to build a home dropshipping business.

So, let’s take a look at some of the stats and info that emerged from the piper Jaffray study.

First of all, let’s begin by establishing that the teen market is a large one: 35.6 teens in the United States alone. Are they spending money? You betcha!

The report showed that about 70% of teen shoppers like to shop at their favorite store online as opposed to traditional brick and mortar stores. Teens are doing more of their shopping online or at brick and mortar outlet stores and less at specialty stores. One reason for this may be that parents report giving their teens less shopping money than they did even a few years ago. Since teen shoppers have to foot the bill for more of their purchases these days, this could account for the decline in their shopping at pricier specialty stores.

The 2013 survey, conducted this Spring, showed that 79% of teen girls and 76% of teen guys reported shopping online. This is a 4% increase for females over the Fall of 2012, but a 6% decrease for the guys.

Clothing is still the most popular item for teen shopping, accounting for about 21% of total expenditures. Besides clothing and accessories; electronics and footwear rank as the most popular online shopping items. In these two categories, males do more shopping than teen girls.

During the past year, based on the Piper Jaffray data, the top 3 online shopping venues for teens are eBay, Amazon and Nike.

As far as the impact social media has on teen shopping, YouTube and Facebook are the two most popular social sites for teens. 53% of teen girls and 53% of teen guys said that social media did impact their shopping habits and purchases, with Facebook having the biggest influence.

If you’re wondering whether or not teens use their mobile devices for shopping---yes, they do. Cell phones are how about one-fourth of the 12-17 year old age group access the internet. 48% of teenagers own an iPhone and 58% own a tablet or iPad, according to the Piper Jaffray report. For the teens that have a smartphone, about half of them use it as their primary way of getting online.

Anybody who has spent much time around teens knows that they are not going to be easily parted from their phones and other mobile devices. So, if you plan on marketing to them, make sure your dropshipping site is mobile friendly.

Teens spend a lot of money online, so help build sales for your dropshipping business by marketing to this demographic.


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