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Use Dropshipping to Supplement Your Online Products & Increase Sales!

dropshipping businessMany people don’t realize that dropshipping doesn’t have to be an either/or type of thing, and that you can actually use it as a way to supplement the products you sell online in order to offer your customers more variety.

You might have a good online business, for example, in handmade beach bags. But, people who are going to the beach usually buy other items, as well, such as sunglasses and sun screen. Why not offer them those items while you have them on your site or shopping with you on eBay or whatever venue you are using? One rule of thumb in sales is to strike while the iron is hot. When you have a customer right there and in buying mode---sell, sell, sell!

You could find a reputable dropshipper with high quality products to source wholesale sunglasses, sun screen and other beach paraphernalia and get that business for yourself instead of having your customers go somewhere else for them.

This way, you could greatly boost your revenue by making more sales with such effective sales techniques as:

  • Bundling
  • Up Selling
  • Cross Selling

You might be surprised by how many online merchants are already doing this! As a matter of fact, Walmart, Costco and Home Depot are all heavily into dropshipping. Home Depot, for instance, routinely has employees that attend trade shows and approach exhibitors about allowing them to dropship their products. They may not want to sell the products in their stores, but they do want to dropship them.

When you stop and think about it---this makes perfect sense.

Nobody can be all things to all people. Regardless of how well your handmade leather gun holsters are doing online, you could greatly expand your sales by dropshipping some coordinating products such as gun cleaning kits, ammo boxes, scopes and more.

Who wouldn’t like to make more money? Especially since with the dropship business model, you won’t be out a penny for the extra products you decide to offer to go along with the ones you are selling now. With dropshipping, you don’t invest in any inventory up front. You don’t even house the inventory or have it in your physical possession at any time.

You simply find a good wholesale product source with genuine wholesale prices, excellent business practices and high quality products; then select the products you want to dropship. Once you sell a product and have gotten the payment from your customer, you send the payment along with all pertinent mailing info to your wholesale supplier and they take it from there.

No worries about buying too much and getting stuck with excess inventory. No expense or hassle with packaging and shipping. Could it get any easier?

So, if you already have a profitable business with a product or products you’re selling online, why not expand that business and make more sales, while making things more convenient for your shoppers, by using dropshipping to increase your variety of products?


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