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6 eMail Marketing Tips for Your Home Dropshipping Business

email marketing dropshipping businessIf you have a home dropshipping business, email marketing can help boost sales, so you might be glad to get a few useful tips for best practices that will ensure your emails get the best results possible.

First of all, let’s establish that email marketing is extremely effective. Many ecommerce entrepreneurs use email marketing for that very reason. Another great point about email marketing is that you can write them yourself if you feel competent. If you don’t feel that your writing skills are up to snuff, don’t attempt to write your marketing emails yourself. Instead, hire someone to do it for you.


Because sending people ungrammatical. Misspelled, poorly written emails would be worse than sending nothing. Your dropshipping business would come across as shoddy and second rate. You don’t want that. So, if you can’t write them well, don’t write them at all and get a freelancer.

Now, moving on to the tips for better marketing emails to build your dropshipping business, here they are:

  • Be sure your marketing emails are compatible with mobile devices. More and more internet users use their mobile devices to access the web and read emails. If your emails aren’t compatible with an iPhone, iPad or other mobile device, many of them won’t be read.

  • Use social media to drive your email marketing campaigns. By linking to social channels in emails, you ensure a wider audience.

  • Keep it simple. Your marketing emails should forego bells and whistles and go straight to the heart of the matter. Forget graphics and other distractions. Stick to a single column format for best results.

  • Forget using too much sales hype. But, isn’t that the whole purpose of marketing emails---to boost sales in your dropshipping business? Yes. However, people are tired of being bombarded by too much salesy content. So, try to go at things from an educational or informative approach rather than sales pitches. For example, if your dropshipping product is camping equipment and you have a new product such as an easy to set up camp shower; let your email tell the benefits to the reader of using the new camp shower instead of just trying to sell it.

  • Instead of mass mailing, move toward segmented, targeted marketing emails. This is where tracking and analyzing on your dropshipping website can come in extra handy. Keep up with who buys what and then target special promotions and emails especially for that group. For example, let’s say that you dropship outdoor products and have a group of customers who have bought boating supplies. You would target your emails to this group with promotions and emails about boating supplies and related products.

  • Don’t just ask for email opt-in subscriptions on the checkout or confirmation page or on your home page. Scatter them throughout your site but stay below the fold, which means on the bottom half of the web page. The top half should be focused on the products and the sale.

Use these email marketing tips to boost sales in your home dropshipping business!


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