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A Dropshipper’s Guide to the Universe

dropshippers guide to the universeDo you want to become a dropshipper and work from home in your own ecommerce business? If so, you might find a few tips very helpful.

Dropshipping is one of the fastest, easiest and low cost home businesses to get started up and running, making money quickly. You can get it off the ground and earning an income for you literally in a matter of hours once you do the necessary groundwork.

It might help to clarify exactly what dropshippers do and how the dropship business model works.

When you become a dropshipper, you are basically selling products online that you don’t have. How can this be? Your wholesale product source houses all of the inventory you sell. So, you never have any of the products in your physical possession.

Now, here are some step by step instructions on how to start and run a home business as a dropshipper.

Step 1: Decide on a niche. This is a huge step! Without a profitable niche with enough of a consumer demand to ensure you of plenty of potential customers, your home business will not be a success. So, do your homework and research thoroughly before choosing a niche. Successful drop shippers understand that their entire ecommerce endeavor hinges on this first step, so get it right.

Step 2: Find a wholesale product source. The internet is crammed full of alleged wholesale dropship product suppliers. But, the problem is that when it gets right down to the nitty gritty, many of the so-called wholesale products sources are anything but
wholesale. Instead, they charge you retail or almost retail prices. Result? You can’t make enough of a profit to make your home business viable and thus ends your career as a dropshipper.

Step 3: Once you have found a reputable wholesale dropship source with genuine wholesale prices and good business practices, choose the products you want to sell online. If you have chosen wisely and have a wholesale dropshipper product source who has brand name products---so much the better!

Step 4: Decide on a venue to sell your products for your home dropshipper business. You might mull it over and come to the conclusion that going with a giant marketplace like eBay or Amazon would be best initially, at least. These sites have a tremendous volume of traffic….millions of shoppers a day…and you couldn’t possibly hope to replicate it with your own website, especially just starting out. Turnkey operations such as ProStores are great, too. Fast and easy!

Step 5: List your items with a few clicks of your mouse and you’re in business, ready for shoppers to start buying your dropshipper products. Once your customer has paid you, you pay your product source and they package and ship it to the buyer. You don’t have the expense or hassle of shipping!

That’s it! Your dropshipper business is up and running, ready to begin earning you an income. Dropshippers have a fantastic home business in ecommerce, and you can, too!


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