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Social Media Marketing for Your Dropship Business: What NOT to Do

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When you are running a dropship business from home and want to use social media marketing to boost sales and build your brand, knowing what not to do may be as important as knowing what you should be doing.

While there is no doubt whatsoever that social media marketing can greatly increase the success of your home dropship business, if you go about it wrong and alienate the very people you are trying to make a good connection with to build your sales; it will backfire on you in a big way and you will end up being worse off than if you had never tried it all.

Epic fail, in other words---and who wants that?

Here are some tips for what NOT to do when using social media marketing to build your home dropship business.

Don’t acknowledge or respond to social media trolls. Yes, they are out there and yes, at some point you are almost certainly going to become a target on Facebook or whatever other social media site you are using to market your ecommerce business. Here is a basic rule of social media marketing: Don’t feed the trolls. In general, it is wise to simply ignore them and they will eventually go away if they don’t get a reaction. Should you remove their posts? If they are offensive to the general audience, yes, by all means remove them. After all, these types of posts serve no useful purpose for anybody; least of all you, but they aren’t helpful in any way to your fans or followers, either. So, use your own discretion and simply ignore or delete their trollish comments and then block them.

Count to ten. Or twenty. Or fifty or a hundred or five hundred….as long as it takes you to cool off and calm down when someone makes a hostile comment that you are itching to respond to. It is always best to give yourself time to cool off before jumping in and saying something you might regret after the initial heat of the moment. People can say things that have you absolutely fuming, but it is unwise to react right away. Take some time and be able to think with your head instead of your emotions before you make a response to an attack of some sort.

Don’t insult anyone. Ever. Period. Although some posters are deliberately provoking and offensive, always remember that when you are using social media sites for marketing your dropship business, it would behoove you to behave in a business like manner. Resorting to name calling or trading insults is not at all professional and will do you much more harm than good. Don’t do it. Resist the impulse to hurl insults back at someone who has insulted you. Take the high road, you customers and potential customers will think more highly of you.

Follow these don’ts to help you put your best foot forward when you are using social media marketing to build your dropship business!


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