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6 Tips for a Successful Home Dropshipping Business

dropshipping businessIf you are daydreaming of working from home in your own business, you might be able to put these 6 tips for a successful home dropshipping business to good use!

1. Choose your niche wisely. A niche with the potential for profit is essential to dropshipping business success. Your niche must be one with enough of a consumer demand to ensure you get plenty of traffic and sales. You might be dropshipping the best darned little furry flying purple widgets ever invented; but if nobody much wants them---you’re sunk. Research and do your homework before choosing a niche.

2. When choosing a niche, try to find one without an absolutely humongous amount of competition. How can you do this and still sell products that are in high demand? One tried and tree way to thin down the competition is to drill down into a broad niche to find and develop a lucrative sub-niche. This way, the competition won’t be as fierce but you will still have a goodly amount of consumer demand.

3. Choose your wholesale product source wisely. There are scads of them available on the World Wide Web but it’s very much a case of buyer beware in some instances. Beware of wholesale dropshipping product suppliers who promise no fees. If you think about it, this is nonsensical. What legitimate business would stock products for you to sell, package and ship them and incur all the expenses of running a business of that nature---for free? Exactly. Nobody. You should look for an established business that is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau. If you can find a supplier who has brand name products, so much the better! Make sure the product source offers real wholesale prices and not retail or close to retail. If you buy for resale at retail prices, how will you have any margin for profit?

4. Choose an appropriate venue for your dropshipping product sales. You may hear or read that eBay dropshipping sellers can’t succeed. This is NOT true! There are many successful eBay drop shippers. Ditto for Amazon. You might prefer one of those mammoth marketplaces, at least initially, rather than your own website simply because of the incredible volume of global traffic that flows through them daily.

5. You can import images and descriptions straight from the wholesale product supplier’s website and if you need to generate some income fast with immediate sales, this is your best route. However, it is best to obtain one of each type of dropship product you are selling and take your own pics. Ditto for descriptions. Write your own! Using your own images and descriptions will set your items apart and frankly---above---your competition selling the same pr similar products.

6. Use great SEO. Some people mistakenly believe that the Google Penguin and Panda updates negated the value of SEO best practices. Not so! Google wants valuable, relevant content and good SEO does still help immensely with getting your dropshipping products found by the search engines. This also applies to the eBay Cassini search engine. There are free webinars and classes online to help you learn the basics of SEO.

Use these 6 tips for a successful home dropshipping business!


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