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Dropshipping Tips: How to Write a Great Call To Action & Boost Sales

dropshipping Call To Action
You can make your dropshipping business more profitable and boost sales if you learn how to write a great Call To Action!

A Call To Action, or CTA, is basically the term used for asking the shopper for the sale, or asking them to take a desired action---something you want them to do. A strong call to action can work wonders to increase your bottom line so if you’re serious about making money; use these tips to write a loud, strong and effective Call To Action!

Understand that your Call To Action is the pivotal point between bounce and conversion. Now, there are some bounces that nothing could prevent. But in many cases, a strong Call To Action will tip the scales from bounce to conversion. You might be surprised how even minor changes to your existing Calls To Action can beef up your conversion rate.

Here are some handy tips to walk you through creating a great Call To Action.

  • If your Call To Action is a clickable button, you should realize that shapes and colors of said buttons is quite important. Use a bold, vivid color and a large enough button to function as a good visual cue for the shopper. You don’t want anybody to have to hunt around on your web page to find the button! Make it easily seen and prominent.

  1. While click through button type Calls To Action can be tremendously effective, the fact is that your content, or copy, is what will make the biggest difference between bounce and conversion. For example, your Call To Action button text should make it clear to the viewer exactly what they will get if and when they click through. Let’s say you have a free ebook you are offering as an inducement to collect opt-in subscribers to your email marketing list. Instead of having the buttons say “Download,” go with something along these lines: “Get Your Free Ebook.”

  • Your Calls To Action should be relevant to the offer, product or landing page. For instance, if a potential customer has arrived on one of your dropshipping website’s landing pages for plus size lingerie, you should make it crystal clear that when they click through, they will arrive at the sale page or a specific promotion. Internet research has shown that value with relevance greatly increases a conversion rate. So, in the scenario just described, your call to action might be something like this: “Get clearance prices on plus size lingerie.”

  • Try to think like the shopper or visitor. Ask yourself what the viewer’s motivation is for following your Call To Action. Then ask yourself what your visitor will actually get if they click through or follow through with the Call To Action. The visitor’s motivation and what they get should be relevant. If your visitor, for instance, clicks through the “Get clearance prices on plus size lingerie” Call To Action, then that’s what should be there if they follow through. Keeping it relevant will be a huge help in having effective Calls To Action!

Use these tips to write effective Calls To Action and you’ll see your dropshipping business become more profitable!


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