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Dropship Business Tips: How to Organize Your Home Office

dropship business home officeAnyone lucky enough to have a dropship business and work from home might be able to use a few handy tips about how to organize your home office for max efficiency.

If you have to work to earn your bread, as most of us do, working from home is probably the closes thing to a perfect job you’re ever likely to find. You will read this in these posts time and again for the simple reason that it’s true. Working from home and being your own boss beats going out and working for somebody else hands down.

But, your home office needs to be organized for efficiency in order for you to do the best job you can with your dropship business. Here are some handy tips to help you organize your home office. If you are just starting out in ecommerce, you can use these tips to help you get your home office set up the right way. If you have been working from home for a while and your home office has gradually become so disorganized you’re considering declaring it a national disaster---take heart! These tips can help you get everything tidied up and efficient!

  • If you’re challenged for space---go vertical. Using wall shelves and cabinets is a great way to have more storage in a small home office without using floor space. You can buy units of almost any size, or build your own.

  • Get a wall or desk calendar large enough to allow you to pencil in info on the dates when there is something you need to do that day or some special reason to mark a certain date.

  • Have an inbox and either file or trash everything that has been in it for three days. This prevents stuff from piling up.

  • Go through all of your home office paraphernalia and throw everything away that you don’t use, or doesn’t work. This means things like ink pens with no ink and dried out magic markers and highlighters. Throw all that useless junk in the trash!

  • If you can’t step into your home office without tripping over a snaky bunch of cables, use cable ties, clamps, Velcro wraps or clips to get them all bundled together and not underfoot. Besides being a safety hazard since this mess of cords and cables could cause you to break a leg…they’re a fire hazard.

  • Keep the things you use a lot close at hand. Every time you have to get up to get something you need, you’re wasting precious time. By keeping your most often used equipment, tools and supplies within easy arm’s reach, you are maximizing your efficiency.
  • If your fax, printer and scanner are three separate machines, consider investing in an all-in-one model that combines all three. This will free up a lot of valuable space in your home office.

Use these tips to get your dropship business home office neat, tidy and well organized so that you can focus on making money!


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