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Up Sell, Cross Sell, Bundle: Use Dropshipping to Make More Sales!

increase sales dropshippingAnyone with an existing ecommerce business who wants to make more sales should think about dropshipping in order to up sell, cross sell and bundle!

These are tried and true, proven sales techniques that can boost your sales considerably and with the dropship business model, it won’t cost you any investment in inventory to get additional correlating products to offer your shoppers.

This is a fantastic way to beef up your sales without housing or buying any more inventory. As an added bonus, you don’t even have to hassle with packaging and shipping since your wholesale product supplier takes care of all that, too.

How can dropshipping help you increase sales for your existing ecommerce niche?

Let’s take a look at the sales techniques mentioned above.

For starters, we’ll say that you have an ecommerce business selling dog beds. This is certainly a good niche, but if you are only offering dog beds to your pet owner shoppers, you are leaving money on the table. If you stop and put your thinking cap on, you will realize that most pet owners are going to be buying other things.

If you have someone who buys a dog bed, why not offer them these products, as well?

  • Leash
  • Harness
  • Collar
  • Toys
  • Dental Hygiene Products
  • Sweaters
  • Coats
  • Grooming Supplies
  • And More

Plus, since dog lovers are often animal lovers straight across the board, there is a decent chance that your customers have cats as well as dogs.

So, why not offer pet products for kitties, too?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Cat Beds
  • Cat Scratching Posts
  • Kitty Condos
  • Cat Collars
  • Cat Grooming Supplies
  • And More

You get the idea. The chances are very good that your dog bed customers will be buying other types of pet supplies, so while they are in your ecommerce store an din buying mode---sell them the items they need!

Here is how it works to use one of the above mentioned sales techniques---cross selling:

Your customer buys a dog bed. So, you then show them other pet products such as any of those listed above or more. They buy and bingo! You have increased your sales without any extra effort at all.

Or you might consider using bundling, too, as this is a highly effective strategy to increase your sales.

If a customer has a dog bed in their shopping cart, show them a bundled deal with a dog bed, collar and leash for a lower price than buying each item individually---or something along those lines. The product you choose to use with these sales techniques will be up to you, but be sure to stick with items that correlate or complement your niche product.

To add extra products to your ecommerce business, simply find a reputable wholesale product source, choose items that go with your niche and with the click of your mouse; add them to your product listings. It’s just that easy! You will only pay for the dropshipping products as each is sold and you have collected the payment for it from your customer.

The dropship product supplier packages and ships the items as you sell them. Don’t worry about your main product shipping separately. As long as you are up front with customers that their items will arrive in separate shipments, all will be copacetic. It isn’t necessary to reveal that part of their order will be dropshipped.

Amazon frequently ships items in separate orders and it certainly doesn’t seem to be hurting their sales any!

Try dropshipping for sales techniques such as up selling, cross selling and bundling to boost your income!


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