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3 Tips to Improve Checkout in Your Home Dropshipping Business

dropshipping checkoutIn what is often referred to as the sales funnel, which starts at the point that shoppers land on your site or listing right on up until they complete a purchase, the checkout process is where the biggest leaks are and where you are likely to lose the most sales, so these 3 tips to improve checkout for your home dropshipping business might come in handy.

Online shoppers are notoriously impatient. When they have spent some time shopping and finding the item or items they want to buy, they are usually in a hurry to seal the deal and complete the purchase as quickly as possible. If you create all kinds of stumbling blocks or speed bumps in the checkout process, many would be customers will simply leave without completing the purchase.


So, here are 3 tips to improve the checkout process in your home reshipping business:

I. Keep It Simple---Forget the flash images and needless graphics. You want a simple, clean layout and straightforward. Make it extremely easy to navigate. Strip the checkout page of all extraneous and unnecessary stuff of any kind. The simpler and easier it is, the better your conversion rate will be because it streamlines the checkout process for buyers, helping to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

II. Keep the checkout steps as brief and easy as possible and do use a visual indicator or progress bar that shows shoppers exactly where they are in the checkout process. As a good rule of thumb, limit your steps to complete checkout to no more than four. This should be sufficient. Paring it down to three steps is even better. For example: Shipping & Billing, Payment, and Review & Place Order.

III. Forget gathering info you don’t absolutely have to have before checkout is completed and the item has been purchased. Yes, you need to try for opt-in subscribers to receive your marketing emails, but this is secondary to making the sale. Yes, it’s nice to get birthdays so you can send some kind of little promo, but this can wait, too. Yes, you would like for them to become a registered member of your dropshipping site, but again---this takes a back seat to your number one priority---making the sale! Heads up: When you do offer a shopper (after checkout is complete) a chance to register on your site, for heaven’s sake keep that simple, too. Don’t make your password requirements out of the ordinary or complicated and if you feel that you must do this, do let people know exactly what is required. Some websites ask for a password entry and kick it back with an error message because it didn’t meet their unusual requirements. Also, if something does go awry in the checkout process, do tell people what it is! Don’t just send them back to the checkout page over and over with no idea what they have done wrong. This is exceedingly frustrating to shoppers and may well cause at least some of them to leave and never come back.

Use these 3 tips to improve checkout in your home dropshipping business and boost sales!


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