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5 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for a Dropship Home Business

social media dropship businessIf your ecommerce home dropship business seems to be in a slump, you might appreciate these 5 best social media marketing tips to shift your sales into high gear!

First of all, if you aren’t utilizing the awesome power of social media, you are definitely missing the boat!

Social media is HOT and getting hotter every day as more and more social sites such as Pinterest explode on the virtual scene. People all over the world love the interaction of social media and it is an exceedingly effective, as well as FREE way to grow your home dropship business.

Here are 5 great tips for using social media to rev up traffic and sales:

I. Use Google +. To date in 2013, Google Plus has passed Twitter to become the 2nd largest social network. (Facebook is first.) It now has more than 343 million active users. That’s a lot of people and potential customers. There is another plus to Google Plus! By getting in on this social platform, you have access to the marvelous Google tools and services, and will greatly enhance your SEO efforts.

II. Don’t spread yourself too thin. It is far better to limit your activity for marketing on social sites and do just a few really well---maybe only two or three---than to bite off more than you can chew by taking on too many platforms and not doing any of them very well. This way, you can really focus and narrow your efforts to do a fantastic job of marketing your dropship business with contests, promotions and more.

III. Use Slideshare. You really need to be on Slideshare! It is predicted to be the fastest growing social site of the year. You can share almost anything with any and everybody---presentations, documents, videos, PDFs and more. Be funny, be educational, be serious and informative, be interesting….be anything you want to be that will work to attract viewers and grow your dropship business.

IV. Use visual marketing. Online marketing with social media, especially, is becoming progressively visual. If you doubt the veracity of that statement, consider this: Pinterest  broke records by adding 10 million monthly users in the United States alone quicker than any other site in internet history. How? By users sharing images. Picture are also the most often used and shared method on Facebook. Visual marketing works and you need to take advantage of its power to boost sales in your dropship home business.

V. Use social media marketing analytics. There are some fantastic free services available online to help you track and analyze your social media marketing campaigns and efforts. Use one or more of them to keep up with how you are doing. This is hugely instrumental in being successful with social media marketing!

These 5 tips can help you shift your home dropship business sales into overdrive and keep your profits steadily rising!


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