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7 FREE eCommerce Templates for a Home Dropship Business

free ecommerce dropship business templates
Are you in the initial stages of starting a home dropship business and interested in some FREE great looking, professional ecommerce templates?

If your answer is yes, read on and find out how you can get fantastic, high quality ecommerce templates for free! First of all, though, let’s talk about why it is important to have a high quality, professional looking ecommerce template for your home dropship business.

Imagine that you stop at a traditional brick and mortar store to sort of check it out and see what they have. The parking lot is a crazy quilt of cracked pavement and potholes deep enough to be hiding Jimmy Hoffa.

The automatic entrance door doesn’t work, so you have to push with all your might to even get inside. When you finally make it into the store, you see that the floor is littered with trash and looks as though it hasn’t had even a passing acquaintance with a broom or mop in quite a long time.

The merchandise is helter skelter, some haphazardly on hangers and some strewn around on the floor or piled on dusty display tables. You wonder if the employees have been abducted by aliens since you don’t see any signs of life in the entire building, except for a rather large rat that just scuttled past your feet and a few friendly roaches.

Would you want to buy anything from that store?

Probably not.

Your online store is much the same way. When visitors arrive on your site, they will judge you largely by first impressions. This means that the first impression you make on your potential customers had better be good. A high quality, professional looking ecommerce template will make your dropship business website seem high quality and professional. This is the impression you want to cultivate!

Here are 7 FREE great looking ecommerce templates for your home dropship business from Enough. http://www.enough.pro/15-best-ecommerce-templates-for-website-absolutely-free/

1. Business and Office Supplies. This is a beautiful, bold and eye catching ecommerce template and ideal for anyone whose niche is in business or office supplies. File type is: JS, HTML, CSS.

2. Boutique. This great looking, very stylish template would be great for someone whose niche is furniture, home décor and related products. It is simple and user friendly, but has all the bells and whistles such as links to your social media sites and so on. File Type : JS, HTML, CSS.

3. Shopper Friend. This template has a shopping cart, categories, search panel, sliding carousel and much more. Great for cell phone dropshipping or any sort of electronics items. It has your social widgets, too. File Type : JS, HTML, CSS.

4. PCStore. This is a truly sleek, high tech looking ecommerce template well suited for computer or accessory dropshipping sales. Very bold and cutting edge! File Type : JS, HTML, CSS.

5. Best Seller. Tailor made for an online bookstore! User friendly for customers and you can easily customize it to suit your needs, as well. File Type : JS, HTML, CSS.

6. Online Store. This one is primarily designed for clothing dropshipping and would lend itself well to lingerie along with other types of clothing. File Type : HTML, CSS.

7. Linen Theme. Clean, simple and elegant, this one will adapt to almost any niche. With its stretch design, it will fit 90% of a browser window. File Type : HTML, CSS.

Check out these 7 free ecommerce templates and see to it that your home dropship business site puts its best foot forward so that you make plenty of sales and profits!


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Posted @ Saturday, August 17, 2013 3:03 AM by ecommerce templates
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