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Want to Dropship Fun Products? Try iPads & Accessories!

dropship fun products iPadsIf you want to break way from a humdrum, stodgy niche and dropship fun products, maybe you should take a look at iPads and accessories!

One thing is for sure, iPads are popular and sales are booming!

People all around the world are buying and enjoying iPads, so this should certainly qualify them as fun products. Of course, they are also terribly handy for business use, as well.

This means that you have a broad target market of potential customers if you decide to dropship fun products such as iPads and their accessories.

iPad Accessories

What are iPad accessories?

There are quite a few accessories available for iPads. That being said, the most widely used are these:

  • Cases
  • Docks
  • Ear Phones
  • Stands
  • Portfolios
  • Screen Protectors
  • Display Cases

Bear in mind that the above are only the most used, there are plenty of others you might want to offer in your online dropshipping store or in your eBay or Amazon listings.

Benefits of Accessories

There are some hefty benefits to offering iPad accessories if you are going to be dropshipping iPads. Think about it. If someone is buying an iPad, there is a very good possibility that this customer will also be in the market for a case, stand or other accessory---maybe several accessories.

So, this gives you, an eager beaver ecommerce entrepreneur, a golden opportunity to boost sales by such techniques as:

  • Bundling
  • Cross Selling
  • Up Selling

When you sell someone an iPad and then show them a bundle with desirable accessories at a lower cost than purchasing each item separately, you are likely to close the deal and end up with more sales and profits because you sold multiple items.


Sales Stats for iPads

If you are wondering about how well dropship fun products such as iPads and iPad accessories would perform for you, you’ll probably be interested (and encouraged) by some of these sales stats and info from Apple and Techcrunch.com:

  • Last March, Apple announced sales of 3 million iPads in just 3 days.

  • Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said last year that the firm was forecasting as many as 66 million sales of the new device in 2012, up from the earlier prediction of 60 million.

  • Munster also forecast that Apple will ship 12 million iPads this quarter alone to reach 66 million by year-end. By 2015, that number will reach 176 million, he says.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook noted during the launch of the iPad that Apple sold more iPads in Q4 than any single manufacturer sold in Pcs.

  • Gartner Research showed that PC shipments were on track to grow just 4.4% in 2012 to 368 million units, as consumers would prioritize buying smartphones and tablets over desktops and laptops.

So…..we can safely assume that you will have a red hot niche if you decide to dropship fun products like iPads and their accessories!

Where to Sell iPads and Accessories

Where do you want to sell them?

You can dropship iPads and accessories on eBay. Amazon, Overstock, Bonanza, your own website or any number of other venues. Regardless of your marketplace, you can be sure of a steady flow of traffic and plenty of sales when you dropship fun products like these!

What are the Amazon Webstore Advantages for Dropshipping?

Amazon webstore dropshippingIf you are contemplating starting a home business in ecommerce, you might be wondering: what is the Amazon webstore advantage for dropshipping?

For those who are complete newbies to the wonderful world of ecommerce and online sales with little or no practical computer experience and little time or knowledge to market their dropship products; this question is the equivalent of asking which would be better, easier and faster---riding a donkey from New York to California or driving a car?

While nobody can argue that even a clueless beginner can forge ahead and eventually start up and run a profitable online business, the fact is that all of that time and hard work isn’t necessary.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

If you want to get a lot of traffic right away, have built-in professional marketing and a turn key operation to open your webstore filled with dropship products….Amazon is the answer!

Amazon as a Marketplace

Let’s take a look at Amazon as a marketplace and see what it has to offer:

  • According to ComScore, surveys show that in the United States four out of five  smartphone owners are checking out retail sites on mobile devices. The total number of mobile retail visitors was 85.9 million. Amazon was the Number One retail destination with an audience of almost 50 million smartphone users. Amazon is the most used site for shoppers who are in stores and price checking or interested in seeing product reviews.

  • Based on findings by Quantcast.com, Amazon has over 80 million visitors each month from the United States alone!

Starting a Dropship Amazon Webstore

Amazon makes starting a dropship business almost ridiculously easy! No worries if you aren’t an ecommerce star or a computer guru, they take care of everything and basically all you have to do is list your products and collect the money as they sell.

Here is some info straight from the Amazon site about an Amazon webstore:

“Multiple sales channels allow you to generate even more online revenue, and the tight integration between Webstore and Amazon.com allows you to open up new sales channels with your existing Webstore catalog. Selling on Amazon allows you to:

  • Reach millions of consumers by listing your products on Amazon.com
  • List your products in over 25 categories from books and electronics to sports and toys
  • Offer features like the A to Z Guarantee, 1-Click, and association with a trusted brand to help customers choose to purchase from you

Online retailers can take advantage of Checkout by Amazon to make the shopping experience much easier for millions of potential customers. These consumers can use the shipping addresses and payment information in their Amazon.com accounts to make a purchase on your Webstore. The process is quick, convenient, and familiar, and your customers never have to leave your website.

  • Improve your conversion rate by enabling millions of Amazon customers to use the information they already have stored in their Amazon.com accounts
  • Amazon Webstore offers full fraud protection for any transaction that meets our payments protection policy so you can reduce the risks of bad debt and fraud-related chargebacks
  • Checkout by Amazon can be fully integrated into your existing checkout process so that it will remain consistent with your brand”

So there you have it. With an Amazon webstore, you don’t have to work and work to get some traffic to a new website because Amazon has millions of visitors every day.

Plus, since Amazon is the largest online marketplace, it has an international reputation that will help you make sales.

Check out this very informative article that will help you get started:                 

It’s easy to see the Amazon webstore advantages for dropshipping, so get started today and achieve the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!

Building a Home Dropship Business: Marketing for Ecommerce

If you have a home business in online dropship sales and think that you don’t have to worry about marketing as you would for a traditional brick and mortar store, you are sadly mistaken and should start taking steps to work on marketing for ecommerce.

Click Here For a FREE Ecommerce Marketing Strategies E-Book!

The marketig for ecommerce dropship businessImportance of Marketing for Ecommerce

Marketing for ecommerce is just as vitally important as it would be if you had a brick and mortar store in your home town. Maybe even more so. Why? Simply because if you live in a small town or rural area, you may have the market basically cornered on your niche and the products you sell. For example, let’s say you’re selling kayaks and canoes. In this scenario, if local people wanted to buy a kayak or canoe, chances are they will come to you for it from sheer necessity.

But this isn’t true for ecommerce. No matter what you sell on the internet--- provided it isn’t something completely off the wall like pulverized moon rocks or something else totally out there---you are going to have competition because others will be selling it, as well. In fact, you will probably have a lot of competition. This makes marketing for ecommerce in order to drive traffic to your dropship products absolutely critical.

How Can You Market for Ecommerce?

There are several tried and true ways of marketing for ecommerce:

  • Google Adwords
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ads
  • PPC Ads
  • Blogging
  • Content or Article Marketing
  • And More

Drop Ship Access has a wealth of free videos, e-books and whitepapers that will be tremendously helpful in learning about the various ways of marketing for ecommerce.

While you’re there on the Drop Ship Access site taking advantage of some of the free educational resources offered, check out the 1.7 million high quality, name brand products available at true wholesale prices, available for you to start selling in your dropship home business today!

Marketing for ecommerce is essential to the success of your home dropship business and Drop Ship Access can help you succeed!

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Home Business Tips: Choosing a Good Drop Ship Source


choosing drop ship sourceAs an increasing number of people turn to starting up a home business to recoup an income lost due to losing a job or simply find that inflation has made it impossible to make ends meet and need to augment their existing income, choosing a good drop ship source is a handy thing to know.

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Because although virtually any home business beats the socks off of working for somebody else, a home business in online dropshipping sales is by far one of the fastest, easiest and most pocketbook conscious of them all!

That being said, if you are thinking about starting your own ecommerce home business in dropship sales, you must understand that your success will depend largely on your dropship product source.

To clarify and emphasize this point, let’s take a peek at a scenario that will amply demonstrate the perils and pitfalls of hooking up with a low rent product source:

You are selling lingerie, always a hot seller and popular year round with a hungry niche of potential customers. You start selling on eBay, work hard and write killer descriptions that ask for the sale instead of using the stock description from your product source website. Your titles, too, are SEO enriched and carefully worded to draw attention. As a result, your first sales are great! This all sounds fine and dandy but now let’s fast forward a little while to when you start getting chargebacks, Item Not as Described disputes and Paypal claims because the lingerie your product source shipped to your customers bore only a superficial resemblance to the images you used from their website. Besides that, the lingerie is shoddy and poorly made, obviously of inferior quality. What happens?

  • You have to refund the money and are unable to get your product source to cough up a dime of it.


  • You get tons of bad feedback which kills your eBay career before it even got truly started because now nobody in their right mind would buy from you. Your credibility and reputation as an eBay seller is destroyed.


  • You have several disputes and claims filed against you, which together with the negative feedback, gets you booted off eBay in a Texas heartbeat---as a seller, anyway.

The above scenario is not strictly fiction. In fact, it has actually happened to quite a few dropship sellers who didn’t choose wisely when it came to finding a reputable product source.

Don’t let this happen to you! Drop Ship Access:

  •  Is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau


  • Offers real wholesale prices and backs them up with a Low Price Guarantee


  • Has almost 2 million high quality, name brand products available for you to sell


  • And much more

Check out Drop Ship Access today and find out how fantastic it is to have your own home business with a great drop ship source you can depend on. When you choose Drop Ship Access as your product source, they’ve got your back!

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A Home Based Dropshipping Business: Living the Dream!

Learn the Secrets of DropShipping Success


DropShipping can be a highly profitable business model, only if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, many people just getting started, are not educated enough in order to make the kinds of profits with dropshipping that the professionals make.

At DropShipAccess.com, it's our mission to help average people make the profits they need in order to prosper, even in tough economic times. You can download a free copy of our eBook: How to DropShip Successfully .

Our team has decided to make this eBook available to you at no cost because we want to help you get educated about eCommerce and dropshipping. We want you to prosper, just like the professionals. Let's face it: major retailers and mega corporations have been profiting from dropshipping for years. They have made and continue to make billions of dollars a year off of it.

Meanwhile, most small and medium size retailers haven't even heard of dropshipping. And the minority who have heard of it are still scratching their heads wondering if dropshipping will work for them. By being more educated and learning everything you can about dropshipping and ecommerce, you can also take a nice slice of the pie.  Check out these drop shipping success stories.

But, don't wait – your future depends on being as educated as possible so that you can take advantage of the opportunities out there. Download your copy of How to DropShip Successfully today – it's our gift to you . In this eBook, we teach you how to get started with dropshipping and how to profit online. We also talk about some of the common myths about dropshipping.

Whether you're just getting started or you have an established business, dropshipping is probably a perfect fit for you. Thank you for taking the time to get educated. Wishing You Lots of Success!

For more information, on dropshipping and how to incorporate into your home business, check out:  Drop Shipping: Make Money the Easy Way and How to Build a Successful Drop Ship Business

There is also some great info on understanding the benefits of a home based business in The Value of Drop Shipping

Learn Secrets Dropshipping Success

Home Business Tips to Help Boost Dropshipping Ecommerce Sales

dropshipping home business tipsAnyone with a home business in dropshipping sales or another ecommerce business is probably always eager to get tips and tricks to help boost those sales!

If your sales are lagging, them trying some helpful hints to speed things up a bit can only come in handy, and even if your sales are booming, it’s never a good idea to get complacent and rest on your laurels. Good can always be made better! With the holidays upon us, there will be a big flurry of shoppers and increased spending online. To make sure that your home dropshipping business its fair share of all this extra money floating around---tweak your sales and marketing techniques to make sure you aren’t overlooking something that would help you make sales.

Click Here For a FREE E-Commerce Marketing Strategies E-Book!

Here are some helpful tips to boost your dropshipping sales:

  • Provide key information where a viewer can quickly and easily see everything they need to know to enable making a buying decision. For example, have the product name, its brand, its features, an image and great description plus an effective call to action. The main call to action needs to be something like “add to cart” or “buy now” and then you can include one more call to action after the item is added to the shopping cart, such as offering a cross-selling bundle deal.

  • Having content in each category that describes what the particular category is all about is a wise move. Not only will it boost your rankings in Google and other search engine results, but it will let visitors know what is being offered in the category.

  • If you are selling popular brands, devote some content to brand information. It helps viewers to know what they’re getting. Telling about the brand and describing its attributes is good for your business. It will also help you in the search engine results if someone is searching for a brand you sell.

  • Don’t forget your trust and security symbols! Fear of having their personal and financial information hacked or doing business with some shady, fly-by-night dot com business is a tremendous stumbling block for internet sales. Reassure visitors about the security of your site and your own reputation as an established company will often provide the safety net they need to go ahead and buy from you.

Use these handy tips to beef up holiday dropshipping sales in your home business!

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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Got Burnout? How to Get Your Groove Back

ecommerce dropship home business burnoutAre you feeling burnt out and weary to the bone with your dropship or other ecommerce home business?

If your answer is a loud YES, you aren‘t alone. No matter how much you love having your own profitable business, being your own boss and being able to make a nice living from the comfort and security of your own home; the time invariably comes when you wake up one morning feeling you’d rather spend the day in a snake pit than report for business as usual to your home office. It happens to virtually everyone sooner or later.

Click Here For a FREE Home Business E-Book!

Let’s face it: there is no such thing as a perfect job. Even a home business, which has got to be the best of the best ways of earning a living, can get monotonous and almost unendurable after a while.

So, when you hit that wall and have to force yourself to reluctantly get to work conducting your dropship business…what do you do? How can you overcome this burnout and restore your enthusiasm for work?

Well, the actual truth is that there is no clear answer to this question. What works for one person experiencing burnout might not work for another. But generally speaking, there are a few strategies you can try that may help you get your groove back.

Here are some tips you may find helpful if you are experiencing work burnout:

  • First of all, ask yourself some key questions: Has my work overwhelmed my personal identity? Am I spending enough time with family and friends? Have I let my home business take too much of my time so that there isn’t enough left to do things simply for the sheer pleasure of doing them such as fishing or golfing or just lying in a hammock reading a book? If you answered yes to any of those questions---stop right now and reevaluate your work schedule, your life and your priorities. Sure, you want to make a living, but you need to make a life, too.

  • If you have focused too much on work to the detriment of everything else…fix it! Walk away from the computer. Shut the door on your home office. Get out and do something you enjoy doing and you might be surprised at how refreshed and rejuvenated you’ll feel almost immediately! In many cases, even a brief break from your business routine will allow you to step back into it with more energy and enthusiasm than you have felt in ages.

  • Make a schedule that allows for periods of R&R. Everyone needs recreation and relaxation, even if they do work from home instead of a hectic corporate office or other outside work place. If you are spending too many hours working, take a look at your work habits. You may be making things harder on yourself by being disorganized or not using your working time wisely. Set goals as to what you will accomplish in an average work day and strive to meet those goals by a set time…then quit for the day.

Using these simple techniques might help you recover from dropship home business burnout!

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Dropship Music Sales: A Great Niche for Online Home Business

dropship musicDropship music sales are a great niche for an online home business!

While there is no doubt that being able to download music on the internet has hurt sales of traditional music, it is still a niche with plenty of potential for profit.

Click Here For a FREE Dropship Niche Toolkit!

If you belong to Generation X, the group of people worldwide who were born between 1965 and 1976, or the Millennial Generation, who were born between 1977 and 1998; and missed the craze for traditional vinyl records, you may be surprised to learn that there is still a healthy market for these oldies but goldies.

In fact, some people who consider themselves music purists actually prefer a phonograph and vinyl records---either 45s or LP albums---to the more modern cassettes or CDs.

That being said, there is still a great target market out there for music cassettes and CDs, so you may choose to focus on that particular portion of dropship music sales.

According to statistics released by the RIAA, or Recording Industry Association of America, for 2010; there were 225.8 million CDs sold. That figure is nothing to sneeze at and remember, it only encompasses sales inside the United States. With the World Wide Web as your shopping audience, that figure would be significantly higher!

Since dropship music is such a broad niche, you may want to drill down and develop a lucrative sub-niche, limiting yourself to all vinyl records or all CDs, for example.

Drop Ship Access has about 230,000 products in the music category! You certainly won’t lack for choices about what dropship music products you want to focus on. With a Low Price Guarantee, you know that you will get real wholesale prices….low enough to afford you a generous profit!

When doing business with a wholesale product source, you want to know that it is a company to be trusted and not just some fly-by-night internet rip off that might be here today and gone tomorrow. No worries about that with Drop Ship Access, a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Try dropship music sales for good profits in your online home ecommerce business!

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3 Simple & Highly Effective Ecommerce Tips for Your Dropship Business

ecommerce tips dropship businessAnyone with a dropship or other sort of ecommerce business should always be on the lookout for ways to make it more successful and increase sales.

No matter how busy you are, you should put aside at least an hour or so every few weeks to bring yourself up to date on the latest and greatest tips and tricks for ecommerce.

Click Here For a FREE Ecommerce Marketing Techniques E-Book!

After all, many of these newly minted tips will mean making more sales and profits, and who doesn’t want that?

Here are three simple but highly effective tips for your dropship or other ecommerce business:

I. Always make sure that your most important content stays above the fold on your product pages. You need to provide all of the info a potential customer will need in order to make the decision to buy right there on the top half of the page, or above the fold. For example, include the name of the product, the product description, color or size choices if any, the price including shipping and handling, the product image, a strong call to action and then a secondary call to action along the lines of “Subscribe for Updates” or “Add to Favorites.” Make it easy to share on Facebook or Twitter and to email the item to a friend. Sometimes people like grandparents that are shopping for grandchildren’s shoes or clothes, or even toys, want to check with the child’s parents first before buying.

II. Use your category pages wisely. Don’t just list the products in a category, but have some content about the products. The search engines will love this and customers will appreciate it, too. Plus, by highlighting clickable links to other products within the category or a sub-category, you are facilitating things for shoppers to view those items.

III. If you are selling one or more well known brands, have brand pages that offer some history and background on the brand/s. Also add a brand summary on the appropriate product pages. This allows you to work in more of your prime keywords, too, which is always a good thing.

Use these tips to help boost sales in your ecommerce dropship business!

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Dropship Tips: Google’s New Algorithm Calls for Better Content

google dropship If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur with a dropship or other online business, you should take a little time to familiarize yourself with Google’s new algorithm if you haven’t already do so, to find out if you are passing or failing.

Why should this be important to you?

In the first place, with an online business, everything Google does is important to you! There is an oft repeated saying in the world of ecommerce that pretty well sums it up:

“If you don’t exist with Google, you don’t exist.”

So, whatever changes Google makes to its algorithm should be of vital importance and interest to the savvy entrepreneur.

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The latest change is to reward quality over quantity when it comes to content. Frankly, if you are doing what you should be doing with the content for your dropship business, this should make you very happy.

Web business people who are already producing quality content that is interesting, informative, relevant and offering something of value to readers will almost certainly find that Google has given them a significant boost in SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages.

On the other hand, those who have been slapping up scads of poor quality “articals” crammed with keywords will probably see their Google ranking nosedive.

By making these changes, Google has taken a giant leap toward making article farms a thing of the past.


Based on statistics, Google controls over two-thirds of the search market in the United States. So, ranking high in the Google search results can literally mean life or death to many businesses.

According to CNNMoney.com, the online Publishers Association estimates that Google’s change in algorithm has shifted approximately $1 billion in annual revenue.

Some big article farms such as Mahalo laid off about 10% of its workforce right after Google made the change. The CEO of Mahalo said that the cuts were a result of "a significant dip in our traffic and revenue."

So, if you are cranking out tons of low quality articles for your dropship business---poorly written, bad spelling, ungrammatical and nonsensical---just to stuff each one with loads of keywords…..look out!

Google’s gonna get you!

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